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Lorena is a beautiful name in my opinion but the only famous bearer I can think of is Lorena Bobbitt.
BelCanto142  5/23/2005
Very beautiful. Can be pronounced Lor ee na or Lor ay na.
kookiemonster71  7/24/2006
In the book, 'Gone With The Wind', Scarlett's daughter with Frank Kennedy was named Ella Lorena.
xKatiex  9/23/2006
Lorena Wood is a character in "Lonesome Dove" by Larry McMurtry.
Melissa_77  4/27/2010
My favorite pronunciation of Lorena is with a short "e"sound like "Lor-en-a" like the word "Wren" or "men."Lorena is very similar to Loretta, which is another name I like...

However, I really don't like the name Lauren because it is too boring sounding without the final "uh" sound.
Lucia Wren  10/6/2014
Lorena is one of the prettiest names. Always been a fave!
silly_rabbit  9/25/2015
The name Lorena was given to 191 girls born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/16/2016

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