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Lotta Hart is a recurring character in the video game Ace Attorney.
kayisforkeen  5/9/2019
Naming your child this will earn them LOTTA puns!
― Anonymous User  5/2/2013
In the 14th-century Italian prose work “La Tavola Ritonda” (“The Round Table”; 1325–1350), Lotta is Isolde’s mother, the wife of King Anguish of Ireland. She was an experienced healer, and she tried to heal her brother Morholt after his battle with Tristan, but she could not save him. When Tristan was in Ireland incognito, Lotta discovered Tristan’s identity by matching the broken sword piece found in her brother’s head to Tristan’s sword. Later, Lotta created the love potion for Mark and Isolde that was consumed by Tristan and Isolde. Lotta’s character is unnamed or called Isolde in other romances.
― Anonymous User  9/3/2011
Lotta was the name of a fat girl in one of the classic cartoons of the 1950's -probably called that because there was a lot of her!
Anton  3/8/2010
Lotta Crabtree (birth name Charlotte Mignon Crabtree) (1847-1924) was a very famous and wealthy American entertainer in the second half of the 19th century. She started performing as a singer and dancer in California for gold miners when she was just six years old, and later branched out into acting, eventually starting her own theatre company. She also served as president of the Professional Women's Association in New York.
Anyechka  8/5/2009
It's fine as a nickname for Charlotte, but as a legal name it will cause plenty of jokes like "A whole Lotta nothing!"
bananarama  11/25/2008
On the UK children's cartoon Charlie and Lola, Lola's best friend is named Lotta.
MidnightInLondon  2/25/2008
A famous bearer was Lotta Svärd, a character in J. L. Runberg's "The Tales of Ensign Stål". Later, a voluntary auxiliary organisation for women by that name was formed in Finland.
Vodrilus  4/7/2006
Sometimes used on its own in Sweden, but mostly short for Charlotta. Astrid Lindren used it for her books about Lotta on Troublemaker Street. There are also a long series of Lotta-books, considered lesser literature for young girls, about a spunky and fun but unfortunate and always-getting-into-scrapes-and-silly-situations girl.
― Anonymous User  12/16/2005

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