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"Lowie" is the nickname of "Lowbacca". A "Wookie" appearing in several future novels about the young Jedi knights, training on a Jedi academy on "Yavin 4" (in an old rebel base from the original movies) led by "Luke Skywalker" of the original "Star Wars" movies. "Lowie" becomes a student there along side "Jacen & Jaina Solo", the teenage twins of "Han & Leia Solo", both characters from the original "Star Wars" movies. As well as "Tenel Ka", the friend of the twins whose parents are only know from one future novel, that tells the tale of what happens after the last of the original movies. "Lowie" are the nephew of the character "Chewie", who was also in the original "Star Wars" movies. "Lowie", "Jacen", "Jaina" and "Tenel Ka" becomes close friends.
Charlie1977  8/25/2007

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