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Luce (LOO-che) used on girls is a very modern name in Italy. It quickly increased in these last years and in 2015 there were 113 babies born with this name.
Felie  9/15/2017
Luce Caponegro, is an Italian actress and TV presenter and a renowned former pornographic actress who also goes by her stage name of Selen, by which she is still better known today.
lilolaf  7/14/2017
Luce Dufault is a Canadian singer born on August 19, 1966, in Orleans, Ontario. She is of French descent. She played in two musicals from Luc Plamondon, La Légende de Jimmy and Starmania. She recorded a few hits including Soirs de scotch, Au delà des mots and Ce qu'il reste de nous.
lilolaf  2/24/2017
Luce (born as Lucie Brunet) is a French singer-songwriter and actress originating from Peyrestortes who won in 2010 the eighth series of the French music competition Nouvelle Star.
lilolaf  2/24/2017
Can be often used as a nickname for Lucy.
― Anonymous User  11/22/2015
Luce is one of the main characters in the film 'Imagine Me & You', played by Lena Headey.
nisimalotse  10/23/2014
Hell Broke Luce is a song by Tom Waits.
AnastasiaE  8/31/2012
Lucinda "Luce" is the main character in Broken by Lauren Kate.
Belphoebe  10/18/2010
NOT definitely "LOO-chay"-- Luce is not only the Italian word for light, it is also the French word for light. It would never be pronounced "LOO-chay" in French; "LOOS" would be correct.
Varuca  11/25/2008
Actually, lumiére is the French word for light. Luce is the Italian word for light and it's pronounced LOO-chay. LOOS is the pronunciation of the word "LUZ" which means light in Portuguese.
Mary-Rach  9/12/2009
This is definitely pronounced LOO-chay. [noted -ed]
Auriel  4/5/2007
From the video game series known as 'Devil May Cry' everything basically started with great dark knight known as Sparda. Sparda wielded two hand guns which he named, 'Luce and Ombra' - Light and Shadow. Cool, eh?
Cyneburga  1/22/2007

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