Luis Sal is an Italian youtuber with more than a million subscribers. He also collaborated with producer Sick Luke for the song "Vagiaina".
justpeachy  9/14/2019
Luis Nestor Espina is a YouTube star on the channel ‘The Bramfam’ where he, his wife Bramty and their three children make family vlogs.
― Anonymous User  3/6/2019
This name is the best- it's one of a kind!
1507670  10/26/2018
In 2018, 3 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Luis who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 237th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
― Anonymous User  10/16/2018
Luis Alfonso Cruz is a Mexican professional baseball shortstop and third baseman who is currently with the Yomiuri Giants in Nippon Professional Baseball. He has previously played in Major League Baseball with the Pittsburgh Pirates, Milwaukee Brewers, Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Yankees.
lilolaf  6/12/2017
Luis Emilio Gonzalez, nicknamed "Gonzo", is a former Major League Baseball outfielder. Gonzalez spent his best years with the Arizona Diamondbacks and was one of the most popular players in that organization's history. He delivered the game-winning hit in Game 7 of the 2001 World Series off Mariano Rivera of the New York Yankees to give the Diamondbacks their first and only World Series championship to date.
cutenose  6/3/2017
Luis Macedo is an American fugitive wanted for the murder of 15-year-old Alex Arellano in Chicago, Illinois. On May 1, 2009, Arellano was beaten, shot, and set on fire by Latin Kings gang members after refusing to show a gang sign. Macedo, a member of Latin Kings, is said to have started the attack. In 2016, Macedo was added to FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list.
cutenose  5/10/2017
Luis Nery Caballero Chamorro is a Paraguayan footballer who plays as a forward for Olimpia Asunción on loan from Club Atlas of the Liga MX. His father Luis was a member of the Paraguay national football team at the 1986 FIFA World Cup in Mexico.
cutenose  1/29/2017
Luis Miguel González Lucas was a famous bullfighter from Spain, better known as Luis Miguel Dominguín. His father was the legendary Domingo Dominguín; he adopted his father's name to gain popularity.
cutenose  1/25/2017
Luis Enrique Mejía López is a singer from Nicaragua who earned the title of "El Príncipe de la Salsa" (The Prince of Salsa) after gaining success in the '90s.
― Anonymous User  12/10/2016
Luis Alberto Suárez Díaz is a Uruguayan professional footballer who plays for Spanish club Barcelona and the Uruguay national team as a striker.
cutenose  5/13/2016
Sexy name.
― Anonymous User  5/12/2016
Luis (1340-1340) was the son of King Pedro I of Portugal and his first wife Constance.
CarolinW  7/22/2012
Luis Borrassà (1380-1424/5) was a Spanish painter.
― Anonymous User  9/24/2011
Luis Miguel, 'El Sol', famous Mexican singer, is a famous bearer of this name.
XxproudrulerxX  9/15/2010
The LWEES pronunciation is usually too much for most English speakers to handle. It ends up sounding like the feminine name Louise. Thus, I almost always go by the English pronunciation for Louis.
Lughaidh  8/3/2007
Luis de Pointe du Lac from Anne Rice's vampire chronicles.
― Anonymous User  9/3/2006
In Portuguese this name is spelled Luís and pronounced loo-EEZH. [noted -ed]
Aki  7/7/2006
Nicer than Louis, which is already great!
nelirosala  6/25/2006
Luis "Lucho" González is a soccer player from Argentina who currently plays in F.C.Porto.
angelsariel  4/29/2006
Luis is one of the adults on "Sesame Street."
breakofday  12/17/2005
This name is shared by many Latino singers--too many to list here, in fact. One of my favorite recording artists, Latino or otherwise, happens to be Luis Fonsi.
Phoenix Flower  10/1/2005
A famous bearer is artist Luis Royo.
Ciarda  7/14/2005
Simple and strong.
baiia  12/8/2004

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