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It is not only a Latin word, but even Italian and Spanish, and probably in other languages too. It is getting more popular in Italy in the last years, but it is still rare.
Uyulala  12/19/2004
I really love this name! It sounds very beautiful, powerful, and just all-around pleasant. It also seems somewhat mystic.
PhoenixPhire  1/19/2005
Luna is a very well known Sephardic (Jewish with a Spanish origin) name.
Miss Claire  1/23/2005
Famous bearer is actor Diego Luna.
― Anonymous User  4/14/2005
There's a band called Loona (which makes horrible party music by the way).
― Anonymous User  4/14/2005
This name is also getting more popular in Germany.
― Anonymous User  4/14/2005
Luna is a counterpart of the Greek goddess Selene. I think Luna is a very sweet and enchanting name. It is also the name of the character in JK Rowling's famous books: Luna Lovegood.
Tbird  7/21/2005
I can't believe no one's posted this yet, but Luna Lovegood is in J.K. Rowling's famous "Harry Potter."
feeniksteers  12/29/2005
As mentioned before, Luna Lovegood of Ravenclaw bears this enchanting name. Since "Luna" originated from "lune," the moon, it has been derived as a spacey, yet intelligent name. Jo Rowling has incorporated a spacy character into her novels known as Luna, who I think is a perfect fit for the name. JK has done this etymology-lesson with other names, such as Hermione, Draco, Dumbledore, and the Black family. BTW, I am a complete looney-for-Luna fan (as true HP fans can tell by my screenname) and think the actress playing her in OotP is perfect. =)
Searching4Snorkacks  12/8/2006
I find this name is beautiful.
Hermione_Michelle  12/31/2005
Luna the cat on the ended kid's animated cartoon show: Sailor Moon.
― Anonymous User  2/10/2006
One famous bearer of the name is Luna Schlosser, Diane Keaton's character in the classic Woody Allen film Sleeper.

Another is one of the great naturalist Aldo Leopold's sons. Luna Leopold is a geologist whose work has dealt extensively with rivers, water, and urban planning.
WeloveyouJesseLacey  2/13/2006
In a Brazilian soap opera called "Alma Gémea" (Soul Mate), Luna was the soul mate of Rafael and died to protect him, reincarnating later as an Indian girl called Serena.
Mary-Rach  3/2/2006
This is the Russian word for 'moon' as well. There is a song by Alsou called Solntse e Luna (The Sun and the Moon). Very lovevly song & I think both make lovely names.
Arieanne  3/2/2006
I think it's a beautiful name, especially when pronounced the Spanish way (it sounds more like LO-na). And I like the character Luna Lovegood from "Harry Potter". But I don't think I would use the name if I lived in an English-speaking country. It's too close to "loner" and "lunatic".
Caprice  4/7/2006
Beautiful! It's my daugther's second name!
poeshkita  5/4/2006
"Luna" means "moon" in Bulgarian too, but the stress is on the "a". "Luna" is not used as a name in Bulgaria.
iva_toneva  5/23/2006
Pronounced LOO-na.
― Anonymous User  5/24/2006
It means "moon" in a lot of languages, even in Latin. It's pretty and mysterious, but it's also associated with loony or lunatic.
Raphaelus  5/24/2006
A Spanish group called Mecano has a famous song called "Hijo de La Luna" which is sang in Spanish but later on, sang also in English. Very good song by the way. It's the story of the moon who wanted a child.
lena88  5/31/2006
This name is too close to the word "lunatic" for my liking.
Mommy2B  6/26/2006
My nickname is Luna (for unknown reasons) and I think it is really pretty. Luna is the Spanish word for moon.
ekatz7  8/2/2006
I am starting to really like this name, Luna Skye or Luna Evelyn would be nice I think. :)
mum2bubba  8/23/2006
There's a famous Spanish song "Hijo de la luna" (son of the moon).
esma  8/31/2006
I really like this name, it's kind of mystic and somehow gypsy. Also, Colombian singer Juanes has a daughter named Luna. I think it would be a great name if I have a daughter, love the Luna Skye idea!
Jeidy_mn  9/21/2006
I'm quite fond of Luna, though I fear the name's closeness to "loony." =(
Wordsmith  12/24/2006
Luna Fernandez was the character played by Georgina Mollo in the Argentinian soap opera "Rebelde Way".
6diablesse6  12/27/2006
The history of the name is from a count of origins for Luna. The meaning is also "a goddess who rules the moon." What it came from the most would have to be Italy. Also, Spanish use it frequently.
TalkativeGabby  3/6/2007
Luna was a character in Piers Anthony's fantasy novel series Incarnations of Immortality. She was the daughter of a great magician, and fell in love with the Incarnation of Death, Thanatos.
harry_sent_me  5/31/2007
I love this name! It is so beautiful! I already have names picked out for if I have kids, and Luna Morgana is one of them.
harry_sent_me  5/31/2007
Also a feminine name in Slovenia.
earthnut  7/3/2007
I love this name, but I worry that a child named this might be doomed to a lifetime of teasing.
KrisMichelle  7/7/2007
This is one of my favorite names. I love it's mystic quality! Plus, there are so many people who bear this name, like the goddess of the moon, it's the word for moon in some languages, not to mention many literary characters! I just love it! And, in my opinion, I don't think a kid with this name would be teased, I think she would have the other kids complimenting it!
MissMackenzie  7/28/2007
I love this name! Of course, the main reason why is because of Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter series. Still, I think it is pretty!
bunnygirl  8/1/2007
This name is derived from the word 'lunatic'. Hard to believe, but Lunatic is part of the reason the name 'Luna' came to be. It may be becasue I consider myself that way, but that doesn't frighten me in the least! I encourage people to call me Luna, though it's not my name.
stormy_lovegood  8/6/2007
Actually, it's the other way around. I read that people used to think that people turned crazy because of the influence of the moon. The Latin word for moon is Luna, so they used the word lunatic for a crazy person.

I really like this name and when I hear or see it I absolutely don't think of a lunatic but of a bright full moon in a dark blue sky. One of my friends chose Luna for a middle name (she didn't have one) and I think it suits her brilliantly because she's a myserious but bright person.
renee06  9/8/2007
My best friend's name is Luna and she's almost pure Italian. Her mom said it was popular in Italy.
xA7Xgrl13x  9/16/2007
I'd give this name to a cat, never to a girl.
maria_martillo  9/29/2007
I think Luna is a beautiful name, and I would consider naming my daughter that. And of course it would be after Luna Lovegood in the HP series.
metope  11/11/2007
Luna is nice. I love the meaning, but I love Selena a lot better. They both have the same meaning. Luna reminds me of Luna Lovegood. I hate that character in Harry Potter. I am attached to Selena. Becides, it would be confusing for the people that speak Spanish if they named their kid Luna.
deatheater1408  12/6/2007
Luna is also the middle name of Ginny and Harry Potter's daughter, Lily Luna Potter.
Velie  12/30/2007
Luna is laos the Filipino's Goddess of the moon, who was in love with Kertes, a human, which she protected by a shield. Sometimes we cannot see her because she weeps for her lover, who got killed by the sun.
slimmmeiske2  1/5/2008
I like this name. I really like it. I would like to use Lilly Luna for a daughter. The Luna part is from the character Luna Lovegood from Harry Poter.
scott  2/15/2008
The name seems like one of those names that slightly kooky parents would use. It sounds quite new-age-y or overly poetic and otherworldly to me, and it might just lead to epithets like Lunatic, Loon, or Loonie.
slight night shiver  4/28/2008
Sharon den Adel and Robert Westerholt, the lead singer and guitarist of the Opera Rock band Within Temptation (respectively) have a daughter named Eva Luna (whom they call Luna). Within Temptation is one of my favorite bands, and Sharon den Adel is one of my favorite singers. Luna is one of my favorite names.
harry_sent_me  4/29/2008
Luna is the name of the main character's sweetheart in the video game Lunar: The Silver Star. Later on, she ends up playing a very large role in the game's story.
― Anonymous User  5/28/2008
Luna is the female name of Liam in the book Luna. Liam is a crossgendered teen. His original female name was Lia Marie, but he changes it to Luna.
― Anonymous User  6/7/2008
The Smashing Pumpkins released a song called "Luna" on their 1993 album Siamese Dream.
― Anonymous User  7/7/2008
I like this name, it sounds sweet and lovely. It's hard to picture it on a little kid though.
mary26  7/19/2008
I am reminded of those weird nutrician bar things, you know "Luna bars". I like Selena better. Luna does sound kind of new-agey to me. Oh well. To each his or her own.
― Anonymous User  7/22/2008
I rather like this name, as I had a friend throughout school (and to this day) named Luna. It's cute and spunky, if not a bit off-beat. However, I do think it's better used as a middle name, lest the bearer turn up a bit odd (or just annoy an ever-so-creative classmate) and be referred to as "Lunatic" forever-more.
paintwolf  8/4/2008
In Czech Luna is a word for moon used in poetry. As a name it's really rare, but I like it because I love the goddess of moon, more Greek Selene but Roman Luna is good too.
janabuchtova  9/17/2008
I wouldn't name my daughter this because every time I see this name it reminds me of Harry Potter.
diamondberries  10/5/2008
Who cares if it's a name for a cat, or even is the origin of lunatic, or loony? Somehow anything associated with the moon (apart from science and spaceships) fascinates me.
reina  12/2/2008
I've met a few Luna's, and they both seem to have been born in the late 80's and were of northern Italian ancestry. Must have been popular at the time.

I think it's kind of cute, but would probably use it on a pet instead of a human.
unexpectedsandwiches  12/5/2008
Luna also means "Moon" and "Month" in Romanian.
deatheater1408  2/15/2009
I really like this name, you don't really hear it in Britain, but it's one of those names I can see getting popular in the future. And, like many others, I think it suits the character from the Harry Potter series of books. :)
walesgal92  3/15/2009
It's an okay name, but for me it's too hippy-like. It reminds me too much of the moon and the word "lunar."
ShreddedPaper  7/11/2009
I like(d) this name, especially because of its meaning (and very long time ago before Harry Potter). And, I don't want to insult someone or something, but in Croatia I know so many dogs called Luna that it makes me sick. It is a very popular name - indeed very popular; but for dogs.
Elerrina  8/7/2009
I don't think anyone's added this yet, but a famous bearer of the name Luna? Our own moon.
magicalhannah7  9/19/2009
This and Holly are my favorite girls names! Luna is my favorite goddess, and I adore the character from Harry Potter who has this name.
Curlytop78  9/30/2009
I love this name because of the Harry Potter books, but as many of you have said, it's too close to lunatic. In the books they call her Loony.
Liesl  2/20/2010
Luna Scarlett (born 8th February 1999) is the daughter of Dani Filth, vocalist for extreme metal band Cradle of Filth and his wife Antonia.
SandSea  3/22/2010
The moon is named Luna in the kids' show Bear in the Big Blue House.
Kailey  7/25/2010
I love it. Partly because I'm a Harry Potter fanatic, and partly because it's just pretty.
Black_X  9/11/2010
I also once heard Luna meant "Nocturnal Light". It's such the cutest name! Don't you agree?
Schizofrenic  1/10/2011
I think it's a nice name, but I wouldn't use it on a child for a while. Right now people are going to strongly associate with Luna Lovegood, which at best is a difficult name to live up to and at worst out-right invites teasing.
black_cat  3/8/2011
Luna was an American dream pop band.
mymymetrocard  5/21/2011
Princess Luna is a character in the hugely popular cartoon My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She is the co-ruler of the world of Equestria alongside her sister, Princess Celestia. Her duty is to raise the moon and stars every night.
bathos  6/28/2011
It may not be the most sophisticated name... even so, I find "Luna" to be very sweet-- but undeniably comedic, in the world today.

Great care would need to be taken, otherwise it risks appearing pretentious, infantile, and potentially 'hippie-ish' or deeply pertaining witchcraft. Consider the possibility of your child struggling with unnecessary barriers due to a name you committed.
Francesca  1/24/2012
Yeah.. I'm so happy, my name is Luna, I'm Italian, and I'm not the only person with this name! I've met no more than 4 people with the same name... very different people from me!

However this name means "moon" in Latin, but it wasn't used as a name in Latin since the goddess of the moon had also a Greek name.

Then it become Italian and Spanish, in Italy some people had this name thanks to a song of a famous Italian singer named Gianni Togni who wrote a song called "Luna" (a terrible song) and that's how I got this name.
In French the name is Lune, but I don't know if it's used very much.

However... I love my name and I think it reflects my personality... so much moody!
EonBlue  4/14/2012
It makes an unsual and nice middle name.
Indy  3/5/2013
Luna was the name of one of the characters in Harry Potter. Luna Lovegood, an offbeat Ravenclaw.
― Anonymous User  7/7/2013
I like this name means the moon.
CathyE521  11/18/2013
My first born Luna Mae Anderson coming to the world 8/2014!
Clgordon  4/12/2014
Luna is the name of the moon in the children's television series Bear in the Big Blue House.
― Anonymous User  5/5/2014
Luna Maximoff is the daughter of Avenger Quicksilver and Inhuman Crystal from Marvel Comics.
― Anonymous User  5/18/2014
Luna is a brilliant, stunning, unique and exotic name. *✲゚*。✧٩(・ิᴗ・ิ๑)۶*✲゚*。✧.
― Anonymous User  5/23/2014
I named my daughter Luna.
Luna is a Japanese name as well, although nothing related to the moon. (It is spelled Runa in Japanese but is pronounced as Luna so I use Luna.)

From my background, Luna sounds beautiful and it doesn't have strong impression or meanings of the moon.
I knew that Luna meant the moon in Spanish and I thought it lovely and beautiful.
Sunflower  10/15/2014
I love names like Hazel, Raven, and Luna. They have a shine to it. Luna especially is a lovely name. It sounds so majestic and... lunar.
Pandalover  2/16/2015
"Luna" is the name of a song by the rock band 10 Years. It's from their new album, From Birth to Burial.
OceanSoul  5/11/2015
I used to hate having this name growing up, but over the years I've come to love it. I did gain a lot of nicknames though, 'Looney Toons', 'Loon' (like the bird, not a crazy person), 'Lunes' and now my friends call me 'Looney' after Luna Lovegood. So I love the name, but the nicknames can be a bit tiresome.
moon_goddess  8/10/2015
A famous bearer of the name is Korean girl group F(x) member, Luna.
― Anonymous User  11/15/2015
I love this name, like I love the moon.
― Anonymous User  5/6/2016
Luna is a song by Tom Petty, and my grandaughter's name.
― Anonymous User  7/18/2016
In my opinion this sounds like a stripper name, however it's very pretty! Not sure if I'd want my baby to be named it.
― Anonymous User  8/1/2016
Luna Loud is the name of one of the sisters in the animated series, The Loud House.
Whipsmart  8/5/2016
John Legend and Chrissy Teigen's daughter is named Luna Simone Stephens.
ERK  12/8/2016
My favourite character, Princess Luna, from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has this name too and I love it. I'll surely name my daughter Luna.
avagirl  2/19/2017
Luna is my name, so I'm a little biased. As a Luna Carolina, I love this name. I prefer it paired with a two syllable middle name (though Luna Rose and Luna Dawn might be cute) Personally, I think my name sounds strange, but it sounds better when paired with my last name. I think my name is too long and sounds choppy, but I love Luna Tara, Luna Ava, and Luna Taylor.
KittycatLuna17  3/3/2017
Luna is my sub caste. My full name is Ram Chand Luna.
Ram Chand Luna  3/8/2017
My name is Luna. My dad named me after the Roman goddess of the moon. Also he named me Nina as a pet name. Nina means goddess of water. Both are related as tides come only when the sea is attracted by the gravitational pull of the moon.
lunabtn  3/20/2017
I like this name so much better than Louna. It's trendy in France too, but I feel like Luna sounds more grown-up than Louna does.
Acajou  4/2/2017
It truly saddens me to say this, but I don't like this name. It makes me think of 'loner'.
― Anonymous User  4/11/2017
I just wanted to add that I think Eclipse would be an awesome middle name for Luna, because it would be really close to Lunar or solar Eclipse, a truly extraordinary phenomenon to see, and so rare, so amazing, like any baby.

I really do love this name and only associate it with the moon. I did also like Luna from Harry Potter, but my adoration for Luna, as a name, is independant of any character in any story.
Crimson Firelily  6/6/2017
Luna H. Mitani is a Japanese-American artist. He works in the fields of painting and pen & ink drawing. After traveling through more than 33 countries in Europe including England and Ireland, Mitani began his fine art training in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Afterward, he continued traveling around the world for sketching. After completing the training, he became interested in commercial art, and moved to the USA to study commercial art, while beginning his career as a professional artist for the publishers and entertainment industry. He was soon called upon to design and create LP-record, music tape and CD covers for artists such as George Benson, The Platters, Dizzy Gillespie, John Coltrane, Thad Jones, Yardbird, Chet Baker, Wayne Henderson, Dan Moretti, Coale Johnson, The Highland Project, Rue Davis, Bobby Warren, and more. His CD cover works led him to work on designing posters, magazine covers, and comprehensive packaging design.
cutenose  6/13/2017
Park Sun-young, better known by her stage name Luna, is a South Korean singer, actress and presenter. She is best known as the main vocalist and lead dancer of South Korean girl group f(x).
― Anonymous User  7/4/2017
Luna Loud from The Loud House.
natalieparm  12/3/2017
I love the name Luna. It's so unique and not common in today's day and age. Also, it reminds me of Luna Lovegood who is my favorite character of the Harry Potter series. I love the mystical feeling of it and the connection it has to the beautiful moon.
― Anonymous User  12/25/2017
Luna is a French-speaking alien from the game Mighty Milky Way.
Jumaine3x5  1/13/2018
I love it but would not use it because she'll be called Looney Luna forever from Harry Potter.
― Anonymous User  2/3/2018
I like it. It sounds mysterious and fairy like. It's short too, so it would make a nice middle name.
Kitandkat  3/26/2018
I don't see why everyone loves this name, but it is okay. Always seemed overused and a bit Harry Potterish. I prefer Selene.
XironDarkstar  4/18/2018

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