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Yeah.. I'm so happy, my name is Luna, I'm Italian, and I'm not the only person with this name! I've met no more than 4 people with the same name... very different people from me!

However this name means "moon" in Latin, but it wasn't used as a name in Latin since the goddess of the moon had also a Greek name.

Then it become Italian and Spanish, in Italy some people had this name thanks to a song of a famous Italian singer named Gianni Togni who wrote a song called "Luna" (a terrible song) and that's how I got this name.
In French the name is Lune, but I don't know if it's used very much.

However... I love my name and I think it reflects my personality... so much moody!
EonBlue  4/14/2012
I also once heard Luna meant "Nocturnal Light". It's such the cutest name! Don't you agree?
Schizofrenic  1/10/2011
This name is derived from the word 'lunatic'. Hard to believe, but Lunatic is part of the reason the name 'Luna' came to be. It may be becasue I consider myself that way, but that doesn't frighten me in the least! I encourage people to call me Luna, though it's not my name.
stormy_lovegood  8/6/2007
Actually, it's the other way around. I read that people used to think that people turned crazy because of the influence of the moon. The Latin word for moon is Luna, so they used the word lunatic for a crazy person.

I really like this name and when I hear or see it I absolutely don't think of a lunatic but of a bright full moon in a dark blue sky. One of my friends chose Luna for a middle name (she didn't have one) and I think it suits her brilliantly because she's a myserious but bright person.
renee06  9/8/2007
The history of the name is from a count of origins for Luna. The meaning is also "a goddess who rules the moon." What it came from the most would have to be Italy. Also, Spanish use it frequently.
TalkativeGabby  3/6/2007
It is not only a Latin word, but even Italian and Spanish, and probably in other languages too. It is getting more popular in Italy in the last years, but it is still rare.
Uyulala  12/19/2004

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