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Umm. They say it's French. Well, spelled, "lunette" in French, it means "glasses" -- as in "reading glasses". Dropping one T won't make it sound any different so in the saying, it won't mean anything different. Just be sure your daughter won't be spending any time in France if you must give her this name.
leananshae  12/8/2007
The literal French meaning of lunette is "little moon." From the Appellation Mountain blog: "If you recall Ben Franklin’s eyeglasses, you’ll see the connection. In Paris, the moon is still la lune. Since the 1500s, lunette meant little moon – or objects that resembled a crescent moon. Horse shoes were once called lunettes; the half-moon shape in the arch over a doorway is still known as a lunette. Even though eyeglasses are no longer limited to the crescent shape, the name stuck." For me, this only makes the name Lunete more appealing.
― Anonymous User  8/24/2011
This name really is beautiful, though I prefer the spelling Lunette.
BuyBeerOrPayTheRent  10/2/2014
A variant spelling, but: Loonette the Clown, main character of 'The Big Comfy Couch'.
Feorsteorra  6/19/2015
Very pretty and unique, plus a bunch of nickname opportunities like Lulu. I also consider this spelling much prettier then Luned.
XironDarkstar  4/13/2018

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