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That's my name and I think it's so beautiful! I think it's more common in Brazil, my country.
Lygia16  4/8/2006
Lygia Fagundes Telles, famous Brazillian writer.
Lygia16  4/8/2006
Lygia was the name of the main heroine of the novel and classic film: Quo Vadis.
― Anonymous User  4/14/2006
Lygia was also a Greek name that meant 'woman from Lygia'. I like this name because it is not that common and has a nice ring to it.
― Anonymous User  5/5/2006
There is also Lygia Clark, a famous Brazilian sculptor and painter.
_lili_depressing_  5/29/2006
Only used in Brazil. The letter "y" doesn't exist in modern Portuguese, so this would be considered a misspelling of Lígia. [noted -ed]
SugarPlumFairy  12/30/2010

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