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The only thing I ever found (after searching all my life!) with this name spelled this way was a mug. It said:

"To a flood of troubles a definite highland,
To a friend in need a welcome island."

I've also heard that it means "Isle by the Linden tree".
LyndsayJ  6/24/2005
My name is Lyndsay and all I can tell you is that every person I've ever met has had a different spelling for it.
ayn_shula  6/2/2006
Lyndsay is my name, and my dad also got the name from a mug. I like my name cos it is different and I think it sounds nice.
Welsh gal  8/15/2006
My mum is called Lyndsay, I think it's strange how many variations there are.
Yoma4  8/28/2006

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