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Because of that darn song, I would never choose this name. Even if it weren't for the song, I wouldn't choose it, because kids might still tease this girl by calling her Macaroni.
Phoenix Flower  10/7/2005
I didn't even know that this was a name. I just thought it was an odd song title! o.0 I dislike this name.
websurfer  5/28/2006
"Hey Macarena!"
That's pretty much all you would hear with this name. I feel bad for anybody who has it. It shall forever be associated with that song, which is unfortunately catchy even after ten years or so.
― Anonymous User  3/18/2007
This name gets on my nerves because of the song but I actually know a really funny girl named Macarena.
― Anonymous User  4/5/2007
Isn't this a name of a song? Ah, well, then why would you call someone this? Scary. :S
P.S That song gets on my nerves.
Lone_Butterfly  9/21/2007
It doesn't sound particularly mature, classy, or dignified anyway, but that annoying hit from 1996 has truly ruined this name for a long time to come. What else could it remind people of?
slight night shiver  4/28/2008
It's not a nice name to begin with, never mind 'The Macarena'. The dance is catchy, but are you prepared for your child to be teased?
CutieCupcake  8/17/2008
Actors Verónica Vieyra and Silvestre have a daughter Macarena Rodriguez Vieyra (born 1989).
Emilie007  9/8/2008
Macarena is the name of the most annoying song in history.
LindsayHansen  10/22/2008
Well, yes non-Spanish speakers, Macarena is a REAL name. But Macarena is a SPANISH name, and it's been a name way long before the song actually came out. In the song, the lyrics go 'baila tu cuerpo alegria Macarena' which means 'dance your body away, Macarena'.

And I love this name, especially the way it's pronounced in Spanish. Of course you non-Spanish/Hispanic people wouldn't understand and immediately judge the name through the song.

And I don't get how it's annoying. It's not like the Chicken Dance.
― Anonymous User  12/24/2009
I'd just like to note that Mary is not "worshiped" in Catholicism because she is treated as a saint, or holy human, and not a goddess. "Honored" or "venerated" would be a better term. Also, this entry has a typo: "it's" where it should be "its." [noted -ed]
WhitePhantom  1/6/2010
This name isn't really that exciting, but it does sound nice. And I love the song Macarena, so that doesn't bother me at all.
bananarama  8/2/2010
I would probably like it if it didn't make me think of that irritating song! And it does sound a bit like "macaroni" (no offence).
Caprice  9/23/2010
Do the dance; you know you want to!

I think it will be a while before this name is washed clean of that song. They always play it at discos when it's getting late/early and they want everyone to leave. And it doesn't sound great to me, either. Sorry.
― Anonymous User  8/6/2011
I wouldn't use this name. It's forever tied to the song.
Buneary  1/7/2013
I feel sorry for the girl because it means something not very nice. In my school there are certain people that get picked on, but this girl went through something bad and mean, as this nickname for who knows how long. Gee, but I really do not want to be called upon by this name, that's for sure!
― Anonymous User  1/1/2015
According to ( Macarena ranked 50th place in Argentina (2009) and ranked 93rd place in Madrid, Spain (1998).
lilolaf  2/4/2017
This name is beautiful, it is widely known is Latin America. Some ignorants will dislike and make fun of this name, because they are used to common simple names. In other countries the name is given to children that come from wealthy or known families, for it is uncommon and unique. It has a deeper meaning than the parish founded by Macario and the Virgin Mary.
I am proud of my name because it sounds unique, spanish, brave, uncommon and I hope someone smart chooses this name for their daughter, for it is a lovely name❤.
MacarenaVictoriaDeLa  10/14/2017
Actress Almendra Golmenski has a daughter name Macarena. And she is beautiful.
MacarenaVictoriaDeLa  10/14/2017
Means Blessed. Also means Happy, Perceive. [Aware]
Unlike English names when translated could mean something not pretty.
MacarenaVictoriaDeLa  10/14/2017

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