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This spelling is my favorite of all of the "Madilyn" and "Madeleine" usages. I think that this name is very classic and pretty.
Pheadirean  6/26/2006
I think this is a nice twist on the traditional Madeline or Madeleine. It's different, but not too over the top, and I like the sound of it. I love the nickname Laine with it! :-)
Diamante04  10/10/2006
I must say, I'm quite biased; My name is Madelaine. Even though I'm just a teenager, I have met a handful of other "Madelines" and "Madelyns" (it varies with the spelling). Now that I've seen so many different ways of spelling it, I'm starting to wish my named was spelled differently. The idea of having a "y" in my name seems pretty cool and it could also make a great signature.

I need to warn you of something though. I have nothing against the movie about the French little girl named MadeLINE (emphasis on he L"i"NE which throws the pronunciation way off), but getting told constantly, "HEY, your name is like that little girl named Madel"i"ne in that French movie!" is quite annoying. (I love the French culture so that it not the reason I say this. I guess everyone has some kind of story about how people mess up there name. I just love to rant about mine =]]] )
EldestMuse  4/22/2009
I prefer Madeleine which looks nicer in my eyes.
Frozten  6/8/2009
My name is Madelaine. I am a teenager and use Madi (because it's easier to say/write and my mum called me it my whole life because she wanted to call me Maddie, but my dad said my name should be Madelaine.) I like the spelling of my name a lot more than any other spelling. I also choose to pronounce it with LANE at the end instead of LIN (or LEN) because I think it sounds better.
10madi01  10/1/2009
I don't like Madelaine at all because it looks like Elaine has gone bonkers. Madeleine is much better, in my opinion.
― Anonymous User  10/18/2010
Mad Elaine. Nuff sed.
Chrila96  12/7/2010
I like this name, it is like a fun spin-off of Madeline, that name is too typical. The -aine at the end sounds very cool.
cziehl  11/23/2015

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