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It's a very beautiful name, but it seems a bit too mature and a bit of a mouthful for a little girl to grow up with, however I love the short form of "Maggie" which is perfect for a little girl.
Sania01  9/20/2017
Magdalen is a family name, and I gave it to my 3rd daughter as her middle name. I love this name because of its meaning and heritage. It is a powerful name for a woman.
rowan7gold  2/10/2016
The full name of Repo: The Genetic Opera's opera singer Blind Mag.
dramaelf  6/26/2009
Blind Mag's real name is Magdalene, not Madgalen.

Personally, I like Magdalene better as well.
dressandtie  8/29/2013
I think this is ugly. Reminds me of a old nasty witch or some type of doctor with hairy mole.
liver  6/25/2008
What a delightful name! Definitely would pronounce MAG-da-len, and not MAUD-lin, however. Maggy or Maggie is a cute nickname, but the unique given name Magdalen is so much better.
edenrowe  12/30/2007
Magdalen (pronounced 'maudlin') is a college of the University of Oxford, founded in 1458.
reservoirdoll1987  8/11/2007
A couple years ago, my coworker's daughter had her first child. She named her Magdalen. Ever since I have LOVED the name. It comes with the adorable nickname - Maggie. It's not unheard of yet it's not common either. It's pretty, sophisticated and elegant. I'm seriously considering it for my daughter.
pheebly  3/30/2007
Magdalen can be pronounced MAWD-lin, as is the case for Magdalen College, Oxford and also Magdalene College, Cambridge.
Elly747  1/8/2007
A beautiful, famous painting of Georges de La Tour is called "Magdalen with the Smoking Flame".
Morsa  4/12/2006

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