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That meaning of the name is awful. Who on Earth wants to be weak and sick?
-- Anonymous User  4/29/2006
It would be a great name for a character in a story.
-- airisu  10/26/2006
The meaning of Mahlah is very terrible. It would be considered a nice name to me if it meant "strong" or "healthy" instead of "weak" or "sick".
-- Lizard435  12/27/2006
The book Many Waters by Madeleine L'Engle is a retelling of the flood story. In it, Mahlah is Noah's second-youngest daughter. She is pretty, willful, and deserts the family.
-- Aqua  4/6/2007
This name may mean "appease" or "song" from ื—ืœื”. Ultimately, it is unknown exactly what Mahlah means.
-- kaykay_  7/20/2015
5 girls in 2008 were given this name in America.
-- cutenose  2/23/2016

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