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Also the Portuguese word for bag or purse.
Ritakins  9/23/2005
A mala is also a flower garland given to someone as a welcome in South Asia.
wiswina  12/12/2005
"Mala" is the feminine form of "malo," a word that means BAD (or of poor quality, poor character) in spanish.
Maggiecc  8/4/2006
Mala in Macedonian (well, maybe in other Balkan languages too) means "little".
AnonaBee  11/22/2006
In Latin, Mala can mean "bad" as in modern Spanish, or it can mean "apples".
Hart  5/25/2007
In Irish, "Mala" means "eyebrow".
― Anonymous User  1/6/2010
Mala is incredibly simple but utterly gorgeous.
Dawson  1/9/2011
Mala Zimetbaum was a Jewish Belgian woman who died defying Nazi officers after a failed escape attempt from Auschwitz.
Aqua  3/15/2011
If you ignore the fact that this also means "bad" in Spanish, it's a really pretty name! It's simple, but pretty, and it rolls off the tongue quite naturally. It is a genuinely lovely name!
xsai  6/26/2011
Cosmetics company founder Helena Rubinstein's Polish-born New York-based niece Mala Kolin (1905-99; used Helena's surname Rubinstein as her own professional surname) was a famous beauty expert and executive in her aunt's company. The "Mala Rubinstein" rose hybrid was named after her.
Just Jonquil  4/15/2013
Actress Mala Powers (d. 2007), née Mary Ellen Powers, is a famous bearer.
silly_rabbit  2/23/2016
Mala can be short for Amala/Amalia, as in the case of Mala Spiegelman, the second wife of Vladek (Władek) Spiegelman.
foreverslowly  6/18/2016

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