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I love this name. I named my Daughter this but I also respelled it. I spell it Maliah and my husband wants it spelled Maliyah.
― Anonymous User  4/20/2005
Also spelled Melia.
― Anonymous User  5/7/2005
Malia is Hawaiian for dolphin.
BethanyE  12/20/2005
I don't know where BethanyE and sschilling99 were getting their information, but I'm sorry to say the Hawaiian meanings above are incorrect. Malia is the Hawaiian word for "maybe". (If you don't believe me, go ahead and check it in any Hawaiian-English dictionary. There are several online.) Sschilling99 was thinking of a slightly different word, "mālie", that means "peaceful". I'm not sure what BethanyE had in mind (maybe the word "mahimahi" for "dolphin fish"?), but "nai'a" is the Hawaiian word for "dolphin". The anonymous comment that it means "witch's curse" in Italian is correct, though I suspect that's not the intended meaning of the name, just an unfortunate side effect. For that reason, you probably wouldn't find anyone named Malia in Italy (unless her parents considered her a curse).
lucky777  11/13/2014
I've also heard it pronounced molly-ah.
Mommy2B  6/2/2006
This is a beautiful name, one of my future daughters. It's pronounced mah-LEE-ah. NOT molly-ah. That's Maleah.
Patchy-Macy  7/2/2006
You say Malia like ma-leah. I cannot tell you the many different ways that people try to say my name. It's really annoying. Malia means star of the sea and also calm waters. Not dolphin. And Melia is a flower.
snowy757  7/30/2006
Malia is not the Hawaiian form of Mary. It means calm and peaceful.
sschilling99  3/16/2007
Malia Obama is one of Barack Obama's daughters.
earthnut  1/9/2008
I really like this name now, though it had to grow on me a bit. My niece is named this in honor of her grandmas Marcea and Lisa. The name Malia has such a pretty sound to it. My niece is such a sweet little girl, her name fits her well. Her nicknames are Leah, Mia, May and Ali.
mom2zeke  5/18/2008
I have a feeling this name will quickly become more popular, considering that Obama was elected President. Obama has a daughter named Malia.
Coffeebean  11/11/2008
It looks like Malaria, not a pretty name.
becca_marciano  1/15/2009
My godfather is Hawaiian, so I'm familiar with some of the traditional names, like Kanani, Leilani, and Kalella (not on this site--Hawaiian form of Cheryl, as far as I know). This, however, is my favorite one, and I've only just come across it. It's beautiful, that's the only way I can describe it.
erb816  12/15/2009
I can't be the only one who, for the longest time, assumed this name rhymed with words like "Australia" and "regalia." (My second guess would have been that it rhymed with "Somalia.") Is there any valid reason to give your daughter a novelty name whose pronunciation is so ambiguous? Isn't that just an added burden throughout her life?
― Anonymous User  11/11/2014
"Malia" is the Italian word for a witch's curse. It derives from the Latin word "malus," meaning "evil."
― Anonymous User  11/11/2014
I can never see the name Malia without thinking of Lamia, the child-eating demon from mythology and literature.
― Anonymous User  12/6/2014
The name Malia (pronounced mah-LEE-ah) is not indigenous to the Hawaiian language and is in fact as the entry states a translation of "Mary" or "Maria" using the available letters in the modern Hawaiian Alphabet which substitutes the letter "L" for the letter "R" (since the letter R is absent from the Hawaiian Alphabet.)

It's a beautiful name and one that happens to be my wife's name (she's part Hawaiian and we were both born and raised here in the islands).
― Anonymous User  8/24/2015
In Kawena Pukui's dictionary, one of the most respected and comprehensive Hawaiian dictionaries, Malie is sometimes spelled Malia, depending on the island. A common fishing term, 'Malia,' is widely recognized to talk about glassy seas, especially in Kaua'i. While Malia is also a translation of Maria, that likely happened post contact and the original meaning being calm seas. [noted -ed]
Namecaller  7/23/2016
I see so many little girls with this name now, or variants of it. I guess it's because of Malia Obama. I think it's an okay name.
Jessica21  8/12/2016
Malia Ann Obama is the oldest daughter of Barack Obama, the U.S. Senator from Illinois who was elected president of the United States on 4 November 2008.
cutenose  3/2/2017
Sad to see a lot of misinformation here about my name. Malia is not the same as Melia. They are different names and are not pronounced the same in the Hawaiian phonetical alphabet. Malia means Mary, and nothing else. Any other interpretation is not Hawaiian. Any other spellings are also not interchangeable in Hawaiian culture. MAH-LEAH is the correct pronunciation. Very happy Obama has brought my very old family name back! Feel free to direct any other Hawaiian name questions here. If I can't answer it, my 90 year old Hawaiian grandmother who still speaks the language would be happy to help. Or contact Kamehameha Schools where the language is still taught instead of relying on these incorrect translations. [noted -ed]
ActualHawaiian  7/24/2017

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