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In Switzerland, Mami (MAHM-mee) is used like Mom or Mommy.
swisssugar  11/16/2006
In the anime/manga series FLCL (Fooly Cooly, Furi Kuri) there is a character named Mamimi.
Midna  7/27/2007
Mami sounds way too close to "mommy". It might have a nice meaning in Japanese, but in plenty of other languages someone named Mami would get teased. That, and the fact that it also reminds me of the word "mammary".
bananarama  2/18/2010
Mami Tomoe is a character in the anime/manga series Madoka Magica. She's a magical girl who becomes friends with the main character Madoka.
OceanSoul  5/11/2015
I call my mother "Mami" sometimes. It's a slang word, primarily used in Central America, and it means mommy or mother. It feels too much like a nickname to be an actual name.
― Anonymous User  6/1/2016
Mami Kawada is a Japanese pop singer who is signed to NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan and is a member of I've Sound, a musical group which produces soundtracks for eroge (erotic games) and anime. Born and raised in Sapporo, Japan, Kawada made her musical debut in 2001 after being discovered by her music teacher Eiko Shimamiya with the release of the song "Kaze to Kimi o Daite". She released her first single, a split-single with musician Kotoko, in 2002, and her first solo single was released in 2005. Her first album, Seed, was released in 2006. She first performed overseas in Taiwan in 2007 and later appeared at the Bangkok Comic Con in Thailand in 2014. Kawada's songs have been featured as theme music for various anime shows such as the Shakugan no Shana and A Certain Magical Index series. She has performed theme songs for various eroge such as Love, Election and Chocolate and Aokana: Four Rhythm Across the Blue. She has also written songs for other musicians. During the LisAni 2016 event, Kawada announced her retirement from the music industry following a final concert in May 2016.
cutenose  2/3/2017
Mami Ayukawa is a female Japanese singer from Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan.
cutenose  4/8/2017
Mami Higashiyama is a Japanese actress and singer, best known for her role as Miku Imamura/Mega Pink in the 1997 Super Sentai series Denji Sentai Megaranger. She is affiliated with Sun Music Brain talent agency.
cutenose  4/8/2017
Mami Yamasaki from Osaka is a Japanese gravure idol, or bikini model, and actress. Her photos frequently show her in provocative poses. Yamasaki has done television commercials for the Japanese convenience stores Circle K and Sunkus, and appears in GoGo Sentai Boukenger as Shizuka of the Wind, a member of Dark Shadow and a principal villainess. She has also appeared on the Japanese television show Hey! Spring of Trivia. She is also to appear in Chō Ninja Tai Inazuma! SPARK.
cutenose  4/8/2017
Mami Matsuyama is a Japanese idol, singer, and actress. She has released a number of DVDs. She is best known for her role as Remi Freedle in Chousei Kantai Sazer-X.
cutenose  4/8/2017

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