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A common name, but a very pretty one as well. I had a friend named Manami, but the characters in her name were "truth" and "beauty." (Both the characters for "love" and "truth" can be pronounced "mana".)
frozen_frogurt  5/4/2006
My little host sister has this name. Her family calls her "Mana" or "Mana-chan." I think it's a cute name.
Aurora Lynn  9/11/2009
Manami Okusa is a character in Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. She's a housewife that's still in High School.
egyptianpanda  1/2/2010
Manami Yoshii is a well-known Japanese adult video actress. Yoshii's first AV was the November 2000 release, Growing Up Journal. Water Fruit was Yoshii's second adult video. Like her first release, it was made for the KUKI studio. When asked what was the most difficult thing she's had to do for an AV, Yoshii responded, "I guess it was when I had to play a character that didn't fit me. It felt really awkward to say those lines."
cutenose  2/21/2017
Manami Oku is a Japanese singer known for her work in the Japanese idol group AKB48. She belonged to the "Team B" as a subset of the members of AKB48 Honegumi.
cutenose  2/21/2017
Manami Konishi is a Japanese actress and singer, known for the song fujiki kazue. Konishi appeared in Kiyoshi Kurosawa's 2006 film Retribution, which was screened at the 63rd Venice Film Festival. She also appeared in Hiroshi Ando's 2001 film Blue, Katsuhiro Otomo's 2004 film Steamboy, Junji Sakamoto's 2010 film Strangers in the City, and Shinji Aoyama's 2011 film Tokyo Park.
cutenose  2/21/2017
Manami Hino is a Japanese bobsledder who has competed since 1999.
cutenose  2/21/2017
Manami Katsu is a Japanese professional wrestler. She was trained by the JWP Joshi Puroresu promotion and made her debut in April 2011. In December 2011, Katsu won the Souseiseki Cup and a year later the JWP Junior and Princess of Pro-Wrestling Championships, which she held for 482 days. She has also worked for Ice Ribbon, Oz Academy, Reina X World and World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana. Katsu retired from professional wrestling in July 2014, but is scheduled to make her return in April 2016.
lilolaf  3/20/2017
Manami Higa is a Japanese actress. Her mother was a model. She graduated from Okinawa Prefectural Central High School. She gained recognition as an actress when she was selected in an audition of 2,156 people to star in the NHK Asadora Dondo Hare in 2006.
lilolaf  3/20/2017

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