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My mom's name is Manda but she said her parents named her that as a shortening of Amanda. A lot of people ask her if that's actually her name but.. it's on her birth certificate.
rccp12  12/27/2010
Manda Rin is the singer for the Scottish indie band Bis. In her case, it's a nickname for Amanda.
mymymetrocard  10/7/2011
"Manda" is also a Russian slang term for female genitalia. Though I don't mean to sound vulgar, I feel that it's useful for parents to know the meaning of this word and avoid any potential embarrassment.
― Anonymous User  9/21/2012
My name is Amanda, but I usually go by Manda.
Hato-chan  12/19/2013
In Sweden, Manda has been used as a variant of Amanda, but today it's rare.
Caprice  11/27/2016

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