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Famous bearers:
Marián Labuda, born 28 October 1944, Hontianske Nemce, Czechoslovakia.
Maroš Kramár, born 26 April 1959, Bratislava, Czechoslovakia.
Maggie_Simpson  11/29/2007
Marián is 110th place in the Czech Top 1000. It was borne by 28 little boys.
Janika  12/7/2007
Famous bearers:
Actor Marián Geišberg, born 23th December 1953 Piešťany.
Actor Marián Slovák, born 8th January 1949 Bratislava.
Actor Marián Gallo, born 6th June 1928 Martin; date of death: 19th January 2001 Bratislava.
Maggie_Simpson  1/15/2008
This is also a name used in Spain as a nickname of the female name María de los Ángeles.
― Anonymous User  10/2/2008
Marián Varga, musician
Marián Čalfa, prime minister in the epoch of Velvet Revolution
Marián Hossa, hockey player
Marián Lapšanský, pianist
Marián Gáborík, hockey player
Marián Kochanský, singer
Emilie007  11/24/2008
Hungarian pronunciation: MAW-ri-ahn.
HerculePoirot  8/24/2016
Marián Vajda is a former Slovak tennis player and current coach. He is best known for being Novak Djokovic's head coach.
lilolaf  2/17/2017

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