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Famous bearers:
Auguste Mariette - Egyptologist
Pierre-Jean Mariette - collector of Art
Actress Mariette Hartley
The book "The mysteries of St. Clair or Mariette Mouline" by Catherine George Ward
― Anonymous User  9/5/2007
I love the names Mary, Marie and Maria. But I think that Mariette is a beautiful alternative to those names.
― Anonymous User  9/5/2007
Mariette Hansson was a competitor in Swedish Idol 2009. She went out when there were just four people left.
Dahlis  11/30/2009
The oldest daughter in 'Darling Buds Of May' is named Mariette. When someone asks about her name, her father says that her mother wanted to name her after Marie Antionette but it was too long so they shortened it to Mariette!
I really like this name, I love most names that end in 'ette/et' but I especially like this one!
Grace_Scarlette  8/28/2012
Mariette is the name of Sara's French maid in The Little Princess.
Kitandkat  3/24/2018

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