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No it does not mean rejoice in Hebrew. Sorry (Mitztaer). Marnin is a new way of saying "enjoyable" but a. Barely used, b. Nothing to do with Marni. (Not a typical shortening for such a name).
pashute  12/16/2004
Marni is the name of a main character on "Committed", a brand new show on FOX.
Mary-Rach  12/9/2005
Marni is a pretty name for a girl. I like the spelling Marnie though.
― Anonymous User  6/26/2006
Pronounced mahr-nee.
Miss Claire  7/29/2006
The name of Shilo's murdered mother in Repo! The Genetic Opera. A main character, despite being dead the whole time.
dramaelf  6/26/2009
Marni Raab is the alternate Christine Daae in the Broadway production of Phantom of the Opera.
Booksroc  1/2/2010
Marni is the main character of the romantic comedy "You Again" (2010), played by Kristen Bell.
erb816  9/29/2010
Aside from the black mark given this name by being in a Hitchcock thriller, I love this name because it means Rejoice. I wouldn't mind being called rejoice every day of my life. Maybe that's why I've adopted Joy as my new middle name. Any girl would be lucky to have this name. If I give all my characters my favorite names I won't have any left by the time I have children.
Vani Joy  7/27/2012
I was born in 1963. My mom was always asked if she named me after the movie by Alfred Hitchcock, Marnie. She said no, she was born before the movie came out. She said she had a friend in high school named Marti and liked her name but wanted to soften it up. I've loved having a unique name, though most of my life people, especially teachers, have pronounced it wrong.
Marni1963  3/15/2018

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