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Pronounced MAHRT-tah.
Yippal  8/1/2009
An old fashioned name, even though it seems to be rising in popularity. It has been used 30 000 times since the 20th century, 18 000 times in 1900-1919.
There is also an organization called Marttaliitto (Marttaunion), commonly known as Martat (the Marttas), which is famous for their household advice.
― Anonymous User  11/11/2010
In the Koiramäki (Dog Hill) children's books by Mauri Kunnas, one of the children of the house is called Martta. The name's usually associated with older women, and that's the only popular example I can think of where it's a kid's name, but then, the books are set in historical times...
nenmo  2/8/2013

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