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I really like this name, especially as it's my own. And it is pretty funny, but a little annoying when they spell it with two "T's."
-- Mat  5/20/2006
Matthew is a very strong name. Meaning "gift from God". Couldn't be more perfect for my son - Matthew Ryan.
-- Anonymous User  7/27/2006
I think I prefer it as 'Matthew' rather than 'Mathew'. I didn't even know you could spell it with one 't'.
-- Surreal  10/15/2006
A famous bearer of this name is Mathew Knowles, father of Beyonce and Solange Knowles.
-- CharlieRob  5/9/2007
I never thought "Matthew" could be spelt as "Mathew" before I saw a student at my school publish his name this way in an article he wrote for the school newspaper. I actually prefer this to "Matthew".
-- Anonymous User  11/7/2007
This spelling looks incomplete. When I saw it for the 1st time, I thought it's pronounced MAYTH-you.
-- enchy  8/31/2009
I don't like the "math" part.
-- italiannames  11/24/2009
This is the way my name is spelled, and I quite prefer it this way to the traditional spelling. "Matthew" is much too common a name, anyway.
-- Meadow  2/23/2011
I hate this spelling and I don't understand why ANYONE who isn't a complete imbecile would butcher the name Matthew like this, I mean, you wouldn't name your son Jefrey rather than Jeffrey, or Rusell rather than Russell, Would you?

Also, Mat is an object, Matt is a name.
-- FlakyMatt  5/16/2011
Mathew William "Mat" Kearney is an American musician.
-- Oohvintage  8/9/2013
I like this name. My name is awesome! It is opposite of the way the bible spells it for a reason.
-- backcue  7/6/2015
This is a really bad name.
-- C girl  4/11/2017
I like the name Mathew I think it's amazing cause I got the name out of the Bible yes in the Bible has two ts but i like how you can spell it with just one t my youngest son name is Mathew michael Leon downey but we don't call him Matt or anything like that we call him Leo.. and he is turning 4 in October
-- Hotrodgirl27  6/29/2017

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