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Mattia also has a history as a feminine name. A thirteenth century member of the order called Poor Clares named Mattia is honored with the name of Blessed. Mattia Nazarei was born on March 1, 1253 in Matelica, near Assisi.
jeleingang  5/3/2006
To me, the name seems rather feminine. At first glance, I thought that Mattia was a girl's name!
― Anonymous User  6/20/2008
In Italy, no doubts that Mattia is a masculine name. It is also very popular today: it is the 7th most popular name in Italy in 2004, the 6th in 2006.
presentperfect  12/19/2008
The pronunciation is mahtt-TEE-ah. [noted -ed]
presentperfect  12/19/2008
A masterpiece of Italian literature is the novel "Il fu Mattia Pascal" of Luigi Pirandello (1903), whose main character's name is Mattia (first name) Pascal (family name).
presentperfect  12/19/2008
I completely agree with the person who said it looks and sounds like a girl name.
― Anonymous User  3/1/2013
It doesn't sound feminine in the least. So many ignorant people here.
Tyzeka  5/22/2014
The name is masculine and feminine. This is used as a feminine name in Sicily. Alternate of Mattea.
DundiculutNicholas  2/12/2018

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