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Hello everyone, if you are just scrolling through trying to look for cute baby names then I’m sorry for all the anger from my fellow users.
Now before I say anything, I am a proud Irish woman with a proud Irish name that has had Irish versions for a very long time. Maeghan and other variants mean “brave warrior” in Ireland and I am proud to be a representative of all those “brave warriors” out there.
A few things:
1. Maeghan and all other versions are just names, so stop getting angry. There are much better things to get mad and worked up about in this world.
2. Megan is originally a Welsh pet name for Margaret, but it has traveled and been changed and added to other cultures as well, so yes it is an Irish name because there are Irish versions of this name. It is also a Welsh name, an English name and any other cultures that have a Megan or other versions that I do not know about.
3. Maeghan and other variants can’t be truly tracked back, yes Megan is a Welsh pet name but it comes from Margaret and there are so many versions of Margaret across so many different cultures that to my knowledge it is hard to track where Margaret even came from. For all we know Megan could actually be Romanian because maybe that was were the name originally came from or it could have come from Greece or any other culture with a Margaret.
4. Every Maeghan, Meaghan, Meghan, Meagan, Maegan, Megan, etc. pronounces their name differently, so don’t try and guess how it is pronounced and just ask them. I pronounce my name like MAY-ghan so no one ever gets it right. They usually pronounce it like MEH-ghan and I’ve even had a couple MAY-HAN, yes it bugs me but there isn’t much I can do about it. If you are looking for interesting pronunciation then I suggest pronouncing it MAY instead of MEH because MEH is a more common pronunciation.
5. My final thing. If any one is named Maeghan on here, spelt exactly like that, then it’s nice to meet you. I have never met anyone with their name spelt like mine before. So I guess we are unique.
MaeghanSheridan  4/1/2019
kayisforkeen  10/3/2018
I named my daughter Meaghan and we pronounce it Mee-gn. I purposely spelt it that way because I wanted it to be pronounced the way it looks. In Australia all variants i.e. Megan, Meghan, Meegan, Megan are pronounced Mee-gn. My daughter hates it when people misspell or pronounce her name mae-gn or me-gn.
MarinaS  5/13/2018
Meaghan Jette Martin is an American actress and singer. She was best known for her role as Tess Tyler in the Disney Channel television film, Camp Rock and its sequel. Martin starred in the ABC Family television series, 10 Things I Hate About You as Bianca Stratford. Martin also guest stars on The Coppertop Flop Show. Martin is also known for lending her voice for Naminé in the video game series Kingdom Hearts as well as voicing and motion capturing Jessica from the video game Until Dawn.
cutenose  11/4/2017
This page is so annoying. The name is Irish. It's my name and other people's name on the website and there are many ways to spell it and say it. It's a name, why are all of you mad?! My name is Meaghan like MAY-gin. Ever heard of Brianna and Briana? BRE-Anna BRE-ana. Stop getting mad at my name lol.
MeaghanBogart  6/26/2015
I find it funny that while my parents thought this name was incredibly unique, it had a massive spike in usage in the 80s. I went to school with about 10 other Meaghan/Megan/Meagans.
MeaghanVR  7/24/2014
Whenever I see "Meaghan" and people insist it's Irish, I pronounce it "Mayan". Then they object. You just can't win.
NotIrish  9/29/2013
I live in Ireland and nothing about any form of Megan is Irish. It was originally a pet form of Margaret in Welsh. If you want to have some form of Irish name related to Megan, then you use Mairéad, the Irish form of Margaret. Americans especially are so adamant that the name Meaghan/Maeghan/anything with a GH in it is Irish when it's just not.
MeganBridget  2/25/2011
Agh! Horrendous spelling! Let me educate, I'm Welsh, I can speak Welsh and I've lived in Wales my entire life and I can tell you that Megan is the only version we always use and the CORRECT Welsh way of spelling it (and it's a lovely name!). There are NO unnecessary extra letters as Welsh is a completely phonetic language (providing you know the phonics).
I advise Americans to properly research Celtic names and pronunciation before ignorantly insisting/assuming they are Irish/Scottish/Welsh purely based on how it looks (as MeganBridget pointed out).
― Anonymous User  9/11/2014
I can't say I would ever use Megan/Meghan, since I'm not a fan of the sound of "meg," but honestly I think Meagan & Meaghan are way too loaded spellings--and an attempt to make something "Irish" when it just isn't. If I were ever to use this name, I would probably spell it Megan, the original way, even though I have a cousin who spells it Meghan and it looks nice that way. But no to Meagan/Meaghan, way too many letters--way too many *vowels*. I still prefer Megan and its variants to Margaret, though.
erb816  6/5/2010
You guys are so annoying. Stop saying Meghan and Meaghan and Meagan are just trendy spellings of Megan because they are not. You know how Jakob and Jacob are the same, just from different countries? Well it's the same with Megan, Meghan, Meaghan and Meagan. Everyone knows that each spelling of Meghan (Yes I always spell it Meghan Because that's how is spelled) is derived from a different country. Megan-Greek, Meghan-Welsh, Meaghan-Irish, Meaghanne-My friends neighbor :)
megi99  3/16/2010
Okay, any form of the name, whether it be Megan, Meghan, or Meaghan, is NOT Irish. This is NOT an Irish name, at all. So don't try and convince yourself that it is. Because there is absolutely no Gaelic connection with this name. It's Welsh. Get over it.
― Anonymous User  4/24/2009
You're wrong too. The origin is not Irish or Welsh, even though they may use it (making it theirs). The actual origin is GREEK.
smiilebiigerx3  5/29/2009
Two users said that the name Megan (the original spelling from which this variant derives) is Greek. This is blatantly false. Margaret, the name Megan is derived from, is a Greek name, but the Greek form of Margaret is Μαργαριτα. Μεγαν makes zero sense in Greek as a girl's name.
― Anonymous User  10/21/2014
This name is just ugly. Just spell it Megan or Meghan.
number1212  3/21/2009
This is actually my name. Spelt this way. It is 100% Irish. Yes this is actually the correct Irish way to spell Meaghan. Also, the name doesn't have to be spelt MAY-ghin. I hate it when people do that to me. I pronounce it MEH-ghin. I actually don't think it's that terrible of a name because it's unique and at the same time not a totally out there name.
smiilebiigerx3  1/14/2009
This name is not Irish. "Megan" is Welsh and the correct way to spell it. I don't know why people try and make false historical connections that make them look very ignorant.
― Anonymous User  1/23/2015
People are continually spelling my name like this, and I'm sick of it! It's just nice, ordinary Megan. Is there a problem with nice, ordinary names and spellings?
welovejamesarness  6/21/2008
I like my friend's name. I think it's original.
kaylee-5  6/5/2008
This spelling of Megan (as well as other variants) annoys me. It's an attempt to make the Welsh name Megan seem more Irish/Scottish because that's what's hot. Very annoying and it looks funny. Just my personal opinion.
Spider from Mars  8/10/2007
I had a friend with this name, and every time her mother would call her inside, she'd pronounce it "MAY-ghan." Eugh! The spelling of Meaghan is alright, but I absolutely hate the pronunciation; it sends shivers down my spine.
foolsinlove  6/17/2007
This name sucks. Whoever started it was obviously trying to spice up the boring name "Megan" but all they did was make it an eyesore.
Emmasj  1/3/2007
According to my opinion this is very nice name - sweet to pronounce and has got good meaning and after all powerful name considering the numerology.
aajjay  11/21/2006

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