Names Related to Mechtilde

Names that are related to MECHTILDE:
MACHTELD   f   Dutch
MADDIE   f   English
MADDISON   f   English (Modern)
MADDY   f   English
MADISON   f & m   English
MADISYN   f   English (Modern)
MADYSON   f   English (Modern)
MAFALDA   f   Italian, Portuguese
MAHAUT   f   French
MAHTHILDIS   f   Ancient Germanic
MALLT   f   Welsh
MATHILDA   f   English, Swedish, Ancient Germanic
MATHILDE   f   French, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Danish
MATILD   f   Hungarian
MATILDA   f   English, Swedish, Finnish, Slovak
MATILDE   f   Spanish, Portuguese, Italian
MATTIE   f & m   English
MATYLDA   f   Czech, Polish
MAUD   f   English, Dutch
MAUDE   f   English
MAUDIE   f   English
MECHTELD   f   Dutch
MECHTHILD   f   German
MECHTILDE   f   German
TIL   f   Dutch, Limburgish
TILDA   f   English, Swedish, Finnish
TILLIE   f   English
TILLY   f   English