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The oriental spelling of May, it's a very nice name.
-- Bellatrix  2/14/2005
Mei means 'plum-blossom' in some Chinese languages. In China most girls are named after flowers, such as 'Chun-mei', spring plum-blossom, and 'Dong-mei', winter plum-blossom.
-- RubyTuesday  3/4/2005
Often, Mei is used twice (Mei Mei), which makes this beautiful name sound rather quaint (not a bad thing at all!)
-- gaelruadh19  5/5/2005
A very pretty name. Means plum blossom in Mandarin.
-- Boaz  1/25/2006
MEI LING is a character in MGS.
-- Nobody  9/1/2006
Soong Mei-ling was the wife of President Chiang Kai-shek of the Republic of China (Taiwan). Mei-ling, Mei-li and Mei-lan are popular names, where Mei means "beautiful".
-- Anonymous User  10/20/2006
Meimei means "little (younger) sister". Mei also means "American" (from the sound "a-ME-rica").
-- Anonymous User  10/20/2006
Depending on the tone used and character for "Mei," in Chinese it can mean any number of things - including: beautiful, American, and meimei means younger sister or is the nickname version for Mei.
-- gixmonster  2/23/2007
It means "my" in Romanian.
-- Anonymous User  4/30/2007
Mei Lan is the baby panda that's in Atlanta, I think.
-- Anonymous User  6/26/2007
Two bearers:
Mei of Mulan II.
Li Mei of Mortal Kombat.
-- aquaspirit96  8/31/2007
Overused by people who want to attempt to make up an "Asian Name." I read books with supposedly "Asian girls" whose names are Mei-Ling, Mei-Chen, Mei-Tang, Chin-Mei, Chang-Mei. It gets annoying after a while. I know that this is supposed to be a popular girls' name in China but in my Chinese school years, I've never heard of a student with "Mei" in their name at all!
-- JungKyungSoon  4/13/2008
Mei is the name for the famous oriental plum blossom (Prunus Mei), which is the only flower that blossoms in winter (January), and is therefore a symbol of Chinese new year. Can also mean beauty or beautiful.
Really love this name!
-- Anonymous User  4/5/2009
This is quite a cute name. My sister and I wanted to choose a Chinese name for my pet pug (as she is of Chinese origin) and we selected this name for her. We typically call her Meimei though, because it sounds more like a nickname/pet name and because she was like a "little sister" to my other pug.
-- sunshinechild67  12/18/2012

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