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Also used in Poland, where it's pronounced "mel-hyor".
― Anonymous User  11/11/2018
It sounds like the name of a fantasy character. Like King Melchior or something. Or Melchior the wizard.
kayisforkeen  9/24/2018
An exotic boy's name... it's beautiful!
It makes me think of Dragons or anything fantasy related~
Just look at the way its spelled. :)
Malinkaya  9/22/2014
Melchior Broederlam (1350-1411) was a Netherlandish painter.
― Anonymous User  10/12/2011
This name was common among the Schwenkfelder religious community which moved from Silesia to America in the early 18th century. It appears approximately a dozen times in the passenger logs of the ships which brought the immigrants over, and among the first few generations born in America as well.
FreedomsPaladin  1/20/2010
Melchior was a swordsmith and the Guru of Life in the game Chrono Trigger.
eirian_artanis  8/12/2008
A famous (sort of) bearer of this name is the character of Melchior Gabor from the play/musical, Spring Awakening. Originally written by Frank Wedekind, but has more recently been adapted into a musical by Duncan Sheik and Steven Sater.
lavieboheme1993  4/11/2007
This upon me can be argued whether the second part of the name stands namely for 'city'. What about the first part 'melchi' - îìëé then it makes mainly no doubt, for such a root M-L-K(H) is common for the majority of Semitic languages. Still the thing is that the second can be also interpreted as àåø - 'or' which literally means light. Hebrew word for 'king' is 'melech'/'melekh' - îìê, and 'my king' is formed by adding '-i' ending to the main word (melech). Thus, 'melchi'/'melkhi' + 'or' = melchior = îìëéàåø = 'my king is light'.
Levi  6/12/2006
The Swedish form is Melker, and this name is rather popular in Sweden now.
Ylva  6/26/2005

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