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Melchor, palabra Hebrea que significa De La Luz, mis antepasados tubieron que sustituir el apellido Melchor por el De La Luz ya que eran judios y se convirtieron al catolicismo, no obstante eso mantenian en secreto el apellido Melchor, pasaron los años y sacaron a la luz el apellido Melchor, manteniendo que la familia era De La Luz. Mi padre era conocido por Miguel de la luz su padre Francisco Gonzalez Melchor era Tambien de La Familia de La Luz todo esto ocurrio en España. Saludos y Shalon.
Armando  6/1/2018
This sounds similar to Melkor, the original name of Morgoth, the villain in The Silmarillion. I think that this would cause a lot of jokes.
bananarama  8/2/2008
My last name is Melchor.
morelia  4/5/2005
Well my last name is Melchor and I am from a Spanish family. I always ask my grandfather where this last name came from and he says that back in the day they gave people last names and whoever that person that last name was given to stayed with him. I also ask him about the three wise men and why one of them has that name and it is not clear where he got that last name.
morelia  3/30/2005

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