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Has anyone stopped to think that the Cyrillic form of 'Marx Engels Lenin October Revolution' is 'Ìàðêñ Ýíãåëüñ Ëåíèíà ðåâîëþöèÿ îêòÿáðÿ' or MÝËPO- which would be Melro in the Roman alphabet, not Melor? Just a thought.
Anton Mikhailovich  5/24/2005
Does the female name Melora have anything to do with Melor?
Ylva  10/9/2006
I've read that another form was Melsor (Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, October Revolution), but it was changed into Melor when people started to realise what an a**hole Stalin was.
Caprice  11/23/2006
This acronym originally was one letter longer: MELSOR, - with 'S' standing for Stalin. The letter was dropped after Nikita Khrushchev denounced Stalin in 1956.
obzhora  12/21/2009
I believe it's short for "Marx, Engels, Lenin: Organizers of the Revolution", which makes sense in Russian: Мэлор.
― Anonymous User  2/21/2017
Typhoon Melor (2015), known as Nona in the Philippines, was a powerful tropical cyclone that struck the Philippines.
XYKLONE  12/15/2017

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