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As far as I am aware the spelling Mhairi is said as Va-ree.
-- hissyfit  7/10/2005
My sister is named Mhairi, and it is true that the correct Scots pronunciation is Va-Ree, but both my sister and a school friend use Ma-Ree so this is purely dependant on personal choice.
-- ronaroux  7/18/2005
My name is Mhairi. It's said Mah-Ri, not mai-ri, mah-airi, or any other way. It's Mah-ri.
-- Anonymous User  12/1/2006
Can also be said as mah-ree which is the Gaelic spelling of Mari.
-- alex-92  3/14/2007
My name is Mhairi and I like the name, because it's quite rare and a real native Scottish name, and there are no celebrities called Mhairi! Fingers crossed. I think it has character and I always get a good reception from the curiosity of tourists or anyone unfamiliar with Scottish culture. I enjoy explaining the origins. When that folk song "Mhairi's wedding" is on the radio or in a public setting, it always makes me self conscious! Straight forward and genuine.
-- Anonymous User  11/22/2007
Mhairi is the vocative case and Gaelic speaking Scots would not put it on a girl's birth certificate. Her name would be Màiri, with Mhairi used in certain sentences to be gramatically correct. Nonetheless, non-Gaelic-speaking Scots have adopted Mhairi as a 'different', more modern version of Mary and it's now widely used.
-- Elly747  7/18/2008
My name is Mhairi (always has been :-) ). I have always liked it. It's unusual and as previouly mentioned, sparks interest and conversation (like having a dog! :-) ). My dad pronounced it Var-ee and insisted it's Gallic. Not Gaelic?! A grand name. So, there you have it. Blessings.
-- Vas  8/19/2008
"Gallic" is the Scots Gaelic pronunciation of "Gaelic".
-- earthnut  12/30/2009
The 'mh' in Gaelic is pronounced as 'v' so the name should be properly pronounced with a 'v'. My best friend is called Mhairi and everyone I know pronounces it VA-ray. Maybe it's just my accent!
-- Caledonia-Forever  12/11/2008
My name is Mhairi (Va-ree), never Mahree! I'm Scottish but never met anyone else with the name Mhairi until I was 11 - so I did get teased a bit at school. I've been called quite a few different things, mainly Mahree (grrrr!), Marie and even Mairead! I used to work for someone who's mother had English as a second language so I actually went by Barry for a while, though I had to laugh as my sister had to put up with Carrot! I've also noticed that people with a really thick Scottish accent pronounce my name Va-ray (which I rather quite like), but because I work for people from nearer London I use my nickname of Mollie as it saves lots of hassle and I don't have to listen to the same old phrase of "Oooh, what an unusual name - whatever does it mean?"
-- Anonymous User  10/30/2011
It's definitely pronounced with a 'v' at the start. In Scottish Gaelic, where the name derives from, 'Mh' is the equivalent of 'v'.
I think the name is awesome pronounced properly. Like many here, my sister is called Mhairi. Hers is pronounced properly. What a lot of people are talking about here is just idiotic anglicising.
-- RagnaraDenSvarta  12/3/2011
Hi, I am called Mhairi and I love my name because my name is very original and totally unique, I hope I meet another person named Mhairi because it will be very facinating as I have never met another Mhairi before.
-- paupau  1/8/2013
One of Faolan's sisters in the Wolves of the Beyond series (a spin-off of the Guardians of Ga'Hoole books) by Kathryn Lasky is called Mhairie. Not spelled exactly the same, but I assume she was inspired by this name.
-- Rainears  1/31/2013
Does ANYONE out there know what it means that Mhairi is "the vocative form of Màiri? Vocative?
-- Mailittlebird  12/4/2014

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