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It's also the name of a shimmery mineral. The mineral is pronounced MY-kah.
earthnut  7/11/2006
R&B/Soul singer Mica Paris is a famous bearer of the name. It's pronounced Mee-sha.
― Anonymous User  3/3/2007
Singer Mica Penniman who is better known as his stage name MIKA.
Luangi  4/8/2007
I like this name pronounced Mee-kah.
Honeyrose  7/29/2007
Myka Bering is on of the main characters on the SyFy series Warehouse 13.
Lady_Skywalker  8/26/2009
Sounds sweet and modern. I like it. Meeca, Meeka are also good variants too. When pronounced Mee-Ka it sounds feminine, when pronounced My-Kah it sounds masculine. I love both ways. Nice!
― Anonymous User  6/28/2010
I know someone from Wales called Mica. She pronounces it like Meesha.
Theodore-Lenin  10/21/2013

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