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I like the name Micah but the character Micah Bell from Red Dead Redemption 2 ruined it for me. Such a despicable character. I can't look at this name without thinking about him.
justpeachy  7/25/2019
My name is Micah, but I'm a girl. Is it bad?
― Anonymous User  4/26/2019
I love the name Micah! So much so that I said if I ever have a son I would name him Micah James. Sure enough in 2018 I gave birth to my first born and his name is Micah. I'll admit it's more unique this day and age but traditionally this is definitely a male name. It's not even supposed to be unisex.
Meemz  3/23/2019
I love the name Micah! I never thought of it as a male's name though. There’s something really feminine about the name and I think it’s the feminine form of Michael. I like it as a female name. I agree it’s unisex, but personally I like it as a girl’s name more than a boy’s name.
― Anonymous User  12/18/2018
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Micah who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 722nd most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.

In 2018, 11 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Micah who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 2, 138th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
― Anonymous User  10/16/2018
I like the biblical association and think it is a very spunky, cool name. But it's too common in my area. I'm interested in Micah as a girl's name.
futuremother99  9/25/2018
Micah was a biblical prophet and it is the name of the shortest book included in the King James version of the Christian Bible.
For those that want to argue whether the name is masculine or femanine, historically it is considered as a derivative of Michael, and masculine. I personally have known both male and female Micahs, and chose the name for my own son. Due to modern usage, it can be considered as gender-neutral or unisex as are many other names today, (ie- Terry, Shannon, Taylor, Jamie, Kelly, Jodie, Stacy, Tracy, etc...)
Monica.E  8/22/2018
The name Micah is ORIGINALLY a BOYS name, derived from the biblical name Micaiah. It doesn't matter how many times the name has been used on girls, it is still TRADITIONALLY a boys name. There are many boys' names that have been used on girls, and that's perfectly fine (do what you want), but it doesn't change the fact that the names are originally for boys. People still don't seem to understand this concept, and I'm not sure why people would be offended by it. It's just the truth, but it doesn't make any of it wrong. My son's name is Evan. There are girls named Evan, but it's still a boys' name at the end of the day, it just so happens that there are also some little girls out there running around named Evan.
Nani P  7/27/2018
Mica is a feminine version of Michael and I cannot believe anyone would think this name works for a boy. I guess if you want your child to be bullied and tormented you could name a boy Micah. I would personally never do such a thing. Michael is for boys and Mica is for girls. By the way, Mica is a popular name in Europe for GIRLS.
Mica206  5/15/2018
My name is Micah and I'm a female. I think it's kind of offensive to say that it's preferred to be a boy name. I mean I get it that some boys are named Micah but my (only) good friend from second grade is also named Micah. It's pronounced as My-ca.
― Anonymous User  4/30/2018
Proud to say that as of one hour ago I have a grand daughter who carries the name Micah. A beautiful name regardless of gender usage.
Musbod  12/27/2017
This is a really cool name. I'll admit, the first time I heard it was in a story (not the Bible, I'm not one for religion) but I'm really glad I did, because it's pretty nice.
Micah on girls... eh. No thank you, though it's somewhat understandable.
mememan28  12/1/2017
My name is "Mycah". Spelled like it sounds. I am female. I was named after my father, "Michael." Of course I think it's a girl name because I've been a girl with this name my whole life. It wasn't until my sophomore year of high school when a girl insulted me and asked did my parents think I was a boy before I was born. That was the first time I experienced someone who had a problem with my name. It hurt a lot but whatever. I love my name. I've met more boys with the name but I've also met girls. But the girls I've met always had their names doctored. Whether it was spelled like "Micha, Mycha, Mikah", or they would have something in front of it like "Mae" or something. It's unique. Growing up too, my name was always pronounced wrong and I never understood why because it looks like it sounds. "My-Cah" or "My-Cuh". But everyone doesn't have the same teachers, so you can't blame them. I'll forever love and embrace my name. A name is a name, with a personality, is all.
MycahMycah  8/14/2017
My name is Micah and I am a girl. My parents mixed Micah with Antonette- that's why my real name is Micah Antonette. People with this name are very rare here in the Philippines. Actually, I know that it is a biblical name and I saw the name on a history book (entitled A History of the World) particularly on page 56. I know a few with the name Micah and they were all men. Well, to be honest I'm really proud of my name because it was a rare one. It catches the interest and curiosity of the people I meet. Micah is not really bad for a girl. I hope this will help.
― Anonymous User  7/15/2017
I actually only know girls with the name Micah - spelled Micah. I live in a diverse area so I think that's part of it, which I am glad as I feel the majority of folks who come on here are a bit over the top with their opinions " I would NEVER name my child THAT.." are you flippin' serious? It's 2017 - name your child whatever you want. And if it's so uncommon and gender bending to name a girl a "boys name" - maybe you should get out more. 3 cheers for Micah as a girl's or boy's name - it's beautiful and definitely not "ghetto" -which what does that remark even mean? #getoveritpeople.
wakeuppeople  7/2/2017
The name Micah was given to 276 girls born in the US in 2016.
89.47 percent of people with the first name Micah are male.
― Anonymous User  6/6/2017
I know 8 Micah's all of them are BOYS they are really nice boys all around the same age and every single one knows each other! I don't love it on a girl probably because I have never heard it, but I think it looks more feminine spelt 'Maka' pronounced 'meeka' as a girl.
― Anonymous User  12/1/2016
It's a feminine name as well, not just masculine. I have a female friend named Micah.
MiserySK  8/23/2016
I love the name Micah and know 6 boys with this name. I have never heard it as a girls name.
― Anonymous User  8/7/2016
Rebel by Amy Tintera.
― Anonymous User  2/1/2016
This is my son's name and I love it! Husband and I couldn't pick a good name for our son that we both liked and we happened upon Micah. We named him Micah Andrew, and I love the way that name sounds!
hauschka4  10/20/2015
Micah Solusod (born August 21, 1990) is an American voice actor. He is best known for voicing Soul Eater Evans in 'Soul Eater'.
― Anonymous User  8/28/2015
A handsome yet cute name for a boy. Please don't ruin this name and give it to girls. "Mika" is pronounced MEE-kah (a COMPLETELY different name, with a different meaning) whereas "Micah" is pronounced "MY-kah". "Micah" is the name of several people (who happen to be MEN) in the Hebrew Bible.
― Anonymous User  4/20/2014
This name isn't for girls. It's a completely masculine name and should stay that way. I could say Benjamin or Jonathan are for girls, but that wouldn't make it so. We don't need any more stolen male names being put on females. If you like the sound of it, spell it Mika so it doesn't look like you're so desperate for a name for your daughter, you decided to use a boy's name.
― Anonymous User  6/9/2013
In the tv-show Emily Owens, M.D., one of the main characters is called Micah.
― Anonymous User  6/3/2013
Pretty common, but can be a girl name by spelling it as Mika.
SEC908  10/6/2012
This name is also used for girls. I've only ever heard it on girls, one in real life and one in a novel.
clouds  9/24/2012
Micah Wilkins is the protagonist of Australian author Justine Larbalestier's novel 'Liar'. She is a compulsive liar.
clouds  9/24/2012
Micah Owens (b. 2004 in Anchorage, Alaska) is an American actor.
― Anonymous User  4/30/2012
Um, Micah isn't just a masculine name, it's for girls too.
Artimis99  11/13/2011
I absolutely love this name. Even though the name is masculine it just gives a positive connotation. But I plan on giving all of my children Bible names or names that derive from Biblical names because mine is in the Bible too.
― Anonymous User  8/25/2011
A hideous name that looks and sounds made-up-- if not "ghetto," so to speak. I first imagined it to be pronounced as MEE-Kah... eel.

Word of advice: do not choose this name. Can you imagine a successful businessman bearing it? A doctor? Lawyer? Military General? No.
― Anonymous User  4/1/2011
In response - I'd just say google Micah Jenkins - one of the most promising generals of the American Civil War when he died at 29.
We've just called our son Micah, and I think it's a great name!
Pinguin  10/17/2011
The little boy named Micah that I know is the most precious boy I've ever met. It's a great name.
Liesl  1/17/2011
I like Micah on a boy. It's nice without sounding over religious. If you want it on a girl, use Micaiah.
Dawson  1/2/2011
I have also heard this name pronounced as MEE-kə.
Adrift  11/6/2010
This name is so handsome! I love it! I hate seeing it on girls, though. If you want something similar, use Mika, which is a lovely name [though, technically, unisex as it has separate origins for each gender].
alicehartley4884  7/17/2010
Hitchcock's Dictionary of Bible names states that the meaning of the name Micah is "humble."

In Greek, the word humble looks like this:

In the Westminster Leningrad Codex copy of the Old Testament, Micah looks like this in Hebrew:
Deborah Reyes  2/6/2010
I have a cousin named Micah who is a girl, and I think it's actually a really pretty name for a girl. I personally wouldn't want to name my child Micah, because it is a boy's name, but I'm just saying that it isn't really all that bad on a girl.
― Anonymous User  4/24/2009
I've always loved biblical names and Micah is one of my favorites.
― Anonymous User  11/25/2008
There is a book in the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series called "Micah" by the author Laurell K. Hamilton. Micah is one of a string of characters connected to the main character Anita Blake.
Dark Whysper  8/8/2008
I love the name, Micah - picture a tall, strong, yet gentle man. However, I loathe the very strong name of Micah on a girl. It ruins it for me.
Jewelie  5/6/2008
I absolutely love this name. It has a nice biblical meaning and a nice nickname to go with it (Mikey).
jasmineenimsaj  2/7/2008
Pronounced "mee-kah" (shortly)
Karcoolka  1/29/2008
Actors Kristoffer Polaha and Julianne Morris have a son Micah Polaha, born 6. April 2006.
Karcoolka  10/28/2007
My brother-in-law is named Micah. I've always known it to be a boy's name, I can't imagine it being a girl's name. It just sounds weird for a girl.
joanie2007  7/11/2007
Micah is also pronounced my-ka, not just mie-ka. This is my name and I'm offended when people pronounce it mie-ka.
Cheese  5/21/2007
I had never heard of this name before except in the Bible, it's kinda growing on me.
blackitten14  4/10/2007
On the television show Heroes, one of the characters is named Micah.
― Anonymous User  1/14/2007
Micah is probably one of my favorite names, just because I like the sound. I had a friend named Micah when I was younger, and all I remember about him is that he was really really nice.
skatergirl2  9/29/2006
The verse Micah 6:8 sets the standard required by God of His people.
DLB  8/30/2006
I have a friend whose name is Micah. He's a sweetheart, is very religious and quiet. I never heard this name before meeting him, but I love it!
― Anonymous User  6/23/2006
Mica (without the H) is a kind of mineral, usually very silvery.
memomo  5/25/2006
People make the misconception that Micah is the feminine name Misha. The pronunciations are completely different: Micah is pronounced My-Cah, wheareas as Misha is prounced Mee-shah. (I'm sorry I don't know how to write pronunciations properly). I think this could be because of the soul singer Mica Paris.
― Anonymous User  5/10/2006
There is a lovely children's book called "The Little Angel" which is set on the night of Jesus' birth, in which the main character is called Micah; he is the young apprentice shepherd who has to stay behind and watch the sheep while the older shepherds go to visit the baby Jesus.
hana  5/10/2006
I like the name Micah as an alternative to Michael. It is a great biblical name. It is also increasing in popularity right now. I definitely prefer it for a boy, not a girl.
― Anonymous User  4/26/2006
One of the Mugglecasters on the Harry Potter Podcast is called Micah.
frangg23  1/6/2006

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