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'Michiko' is a name of the Japanese empress.
-- pocho-mole  11/12/2005
The current emperor is actually a man and Michiko is his daughter-in-law. Thus, she's a princess rather than an empress at this time.

See "Michi" for further possibilities of names.
-- abbasdaughter  12/27/2005
To above, no. The current emperor is a man indeed, but Michiko is not his daughter, she is his wife. So I think she is the empress.
-- pocho-mole  12/9/2006
Michiko is a beautiful name! My name is Tohru - a boys name, where I am a girl, but I would've prefered to have been called Michiko. My friend Natsuki laughed about me being called as a boy. Michiko can also mean "that of purest lily heart" which basically translates as kind, caring, pretty and elegant. See why I'm envious?
-- Tohru  6/18/2006
There are MANY possible meanings for Michiko and the one I'd use would be road/way-child for "Child of the Way". 道子
-- abbasdaughter  9/26/2008
Poet Jack Gilbert's wife was named Michiko. When she died of cancer, he wrote a poem called "Michiko Dead."

He manages like somebody carrying a box
that is too heavy, first with his arms
underneath. When their strength gives out,
he moves the hands forward, hooking them
on the corners, pulling the weight against
his chest. He moves his thumbs slightly
when the fingers begin to tire, and it makes
different muscles take over. Afterward,
he carries it on his shoulder, until the blood
drains out of the arm that is stretched up
to steady the box and the arm goes numb. But now
the man can hold underneath again, so that
he can go on without ever putting the box down.
-- MoonAgeDaydreamer  10/26/2008
Michiko was given to 6 girls in America in 2015, possibly because of Japanese descent.
-- cutenose  8/20/2016

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