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Also Polish.
SecretSociety  2/9/2018
The name Milan was given to 376 girls born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Milan are male.
― Anonymous User  6/7/2017
In 2016, Milan is currently 29th place in Germany. Milan did not reach the top 100s in Germany in 2014, but it had a huge return in 2015 at 35th place. Though the name Milan first came onto the top names list in Germany, starting at 160th place in 2006. (Source:
cutenose  1/20/2017
This name was originally masculine, but has since gone from male to female usage with 72% of its usage being female in 2012.
LMS  3/25/2016
Milan is a male name of South Slavic origin (Serbian (e.g. Milan I King of Serbia (1882–1889)), Croatian, Slovenian). Its meaning is 'dear, gracious, beloved'. At the beginning of the 20th century this name started to be used by Slovaks and Czechs (i.e. West Slavic nations who lived together with the above mentioned ones in the Austrian Empire). During the 20th century this name has almost replaced ancient Miloslav (which has the same meaning) in the Czechlands and Slovakia. Nowadays name Milan is wide-spread in Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic (more than 2% of men are named Milan) and Slovakia. It has no connection with the Latin name Aemilius etc. (which is Emil in Slavic languages), the Scottish surname MacMillan or even Italian city Milan (which name is derived from its Latin name Mediolanum (which means 'in the middle of the plain')). Latin names with similar meaning are Amandus or Gratianus. Its only correct female form is Milana (or Milena). It is not only a custom, but it relates with the creation of words in Slavic languages. The female names have the extension 'a' (Milan - Milana, Miloslav - Miloslava, Jan - Jana …). Compare that with the formation of Latin names (Julius - Julia, Gaius - Gaia, Octavius - Octavia, …). The grammar of Slavic languages (as well as Latin) is complicated and very sensitive to genders, declension and conjugation (and it is performed just by extensions). That in the recent times the name Milan is used too for girls in the US, cannot change this fact (and for most Europeans it is not imaginable to name their baby after the city). Please, use only the correct female version for girls, i.e. Milana (and you can pronounce it as you want)! But the correct Slavic pronunciation is Mi-lan (Mi-la-na) with 'i' as 'i' in the word nick and 'a' as 'u' in the word bus, i.e. all syllables shortly.

According to the Czech law:
It is not permitted to register a name maimed, diminutive or homely;
It is not permitted to register a male name as female, and vice versa;
It is not permitted to register an impersonal name (ie representing things, days, cities, etc.) or a name that is used as a surname;
You can select only a name documented, existing, and therefore it is not permitted to invent a new name.
Name Milan is on the official list mentioned as a male name and therefore it is impossible to give this name to a girl in the Czech Republic. Any such attempt would be rejected by the register office.

In Czech language, no name can be unisex. Each name has to be either feminine or masculine. It is necessary for its declension. Name Milan is declined according to the masculine pattern 'pan' (master). There is no feminine pattern according to this noun could be declined. Using the name without declension (i.e. always in it's the 1st case) is problematic and in some situations it can completely change the meaning of a sentence in Czech language. As there is apparent from the comments, it is for all people from the countries of its origin as obvious as ‘at day is light and at night is dark’.
I do not want to controvert about advantages/disadvantages or risks of possibility to give the names absolutely freely in the US. But I think, if you decide to give to your child the existing name, you should respect its origin. I.e., if this name is used in the Slavic meaning 'dear/beloved/gracious person' than you must respect its gender. Using this name after Italian city in the meaning 'a town in the middle of the plain' seems to me absolutely crazy.

But if you think that my arguments are not strong enough to convince you that Milan is a male name (regardless that in the US it has begun to be given to girls in recent years). So I could accept such a definition:
Milan is the second-largest city in Italy and the capital of Lombardy. Name of the city is derived from its Latin name Mediolanum which means 'in the middle of the plain'.
In the US, Milan is a recently invented unisex name mostly inspired by the city of Milan. In Europe, its using as a female name is unacceptable or even prohibited.
In Europe, Milan is a strictly male name of South Slavic origin. Its meaning is 'dear, gracious, beloved'. Milan is a traditional and wide-spread name in Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, the Czechlands and Slovakia (at least half million men are so named in these countries). Its only correct female form is Milana or Milena.

And to ensure completeness, I present more the use of the name Milan (however inspiring to use Milan for boys):

In French and German, Milan is a name of the medium-large birds of prey in the hawk family:
Milan royal (French), Roter Milan (German), Red Kite (English), Milvus milvus (Latin), Luňák červený (Czech).
Milan noir (French), Schwarzer Milan (German), Black Kite (English), Milvus migrans (Latin), Luňák hnědý (Czech).

Milan is a French and German missile. Its name is an acronym of the French 'Missile léger antichar' (Light Anti-Tank Missile) and is inspired by the raptor 'Milan' (Kite).  8/5/2013
I think the "Popularity" stats on this very site show clearly that in every country other than the USA Milan is considered strictly a male name.
(If it truly is as popular as some claim, it might be a good idea to include Milan(2) as a female/unisex name of 'American' usage, probably inspired by the Italian city rather than anything else).
that one  7/11/2013
It's a strictly boys name. Means literally "he who is dear" pronounced (me lahn).
Only in ignorant cultureless countries would it be used for any other gender.
― Anonymous User  9/6/2011
Milan is a beautiful name, I believe it should be categorized as a UNISEX name because it's commonly used as a girl name, maybe more so than as a male name.
― Anonymous User  8/28/2008
Name is also prevalent in Macedonia (Macedonian).
kassander  5/22/2007

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