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ScriptsМилан RussianSerbianBulgarianMacedonian
PronouncedPron.MI-lan Czech
MEE-lan Slovak

Meaning & History

From the Slavic element milu meaning "gracious, dear", originally a short form of names that began with that element. A city in Italy bears this name, though it originates from a different source.
VariantMilen Bulgarian
DiminutivesMijo, Milenko Serbian Mijo, Milenko, Miljenko Croatian
Feminine FormsBohumila, Mila, Milada, Milana, Milena, Miloslava Czech Mila, Milana, Milena Russian Mila, Milana, Milanka, Milena, Milica, Miljana, Milka Serbian Mila, Milana, Milanka, Milena, Milica, Milka Croatian Milena, Milica, Milka Slovene Mila, Milena, Milka Bulgarian Mila, Milena, Milica, Milka Macedonian
Other Languages & CulturesMilán Hungarian Bogumił, Miłosz, Miłosław Polish
Same SpellingMilán

Sources & References


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