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I think this name is beautiful!
-- michi_vane  2/28/2007
Milla Jovovich´s whole name is Milica Natasha Jovović. She was born 17. December 1975 in Kijev, Ukraine.
-- Karcoolka  4/27/2007
Also a feminine name in Slovenia. [noted -ed]
-- earthnut  7/2/2007
Pronounced mee-LEE-tsah. Also used in Croatia.
-- enchy  8/4/2009
Actually it's pronounced MILL-its-ah in Croatian and Serbian, with the accent on the first syllable. [noted -ed]
-- enchy  6/6/2011
Milica is a graceful, sophisticated and utterly gorgeous name.
-- Anonymous User  11/6/2009
It's also Croatian.
-- goricar  12/2/2009
This is my sister's name! It's very nice and graceful, she was named after Serbian empress Milica, the wife of our Tsar Lazar! One of the most beautiful names.
-- Tijana16  6/7/2010
Milica is the birth name of American actress Milla Jovovich.
-- Anonymous User  6/13/2012
Milica Majstorović is a Serbian singer. She came to media attention as a contestant in regional television show Operacija Trijumf, while her debut single "Savršeni par" was released on 6 January 2009.
-- cutenose  5/30/2016

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