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Also a feminine name in Slovenia. [noted -ed]
earthnut  7/2/2007
Reminds me of milka chocolate. Yummie!
patsysservant  6/29/2008
Milka is used in Finland too, but it is quite rare.
Maarianna  10/21/2008
There's a masculine form of this name: Milko.
goricar  3/7/2010
Milka (Милка) is very common Bulgarian name also. There are more than 20000 Bulgarian ladies named Милка. I'm one of them :) [noted -ed]

As far as understood name can be found as well at Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey.
― Anonymous User  5/30/2010
While this entry says that Milka is a variant of Milica (which is perfectly true in a general sense) there is no implied 'priority' between these names, and not much else is conveyed to the reader. Both come from the root mil/a/, but then they use different feminine diminutive suffixes: Milka= Mil/a/ + ka; Milica= Mil/a/ + ica.
Also, in Croatia Milka was the everyday short form of Ljudmila; if she was officially and properly named Ljudmila, she was usually called Milka. [noted -ed]
goricar  9/24/2014
It is also a Russian male diminutive.
heyyyyyyyyyyyy  11/11/2016

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