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Persian honorific title Mirza, a shortened form of Mir-zadeh ‘Child of a prince’.
causevic  2/10/2006
The name Mirza is one of the most famous names in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
causevic  2/10/2006
Mirza, the common title of honor in Persia, prefixed to the surname of an individual. When appended to the surname, it signifies Prince.
causevic  2/10/2006
Adding to what commenter Causevic had already stated before me:

Mirza is actually the short form of the compound name Amīrzāde, which is composed of one Arabic element and one Persian element. The first element is Arabic أمير (amīr) meaning "commander, ruler, prince". This eventually became a military title, which became known in English as 'Emir'. The second element is Middle Persian (zādag) meaning "child". As such, the name literally means "child of the Emir" or "child of the ruler".

After Mirza eventually became a title as well, over time the title's meaning was interpreted to be "prince". I suppose one could say that particular meaning is more figurative, since the original meaning is the literal meaning - and thus rather different. [noted -ed]
Lucille  6/13/2013
Mirza was the name of Vlad the Impaler's brother.
ShadowSpell  11/16/2006
Vlad the Impaler's brother was called Mircea which derives from Slavic mir meaning "world or peace" or from an archaic word for "fame". Nothing to do with the name Mirza.
Anonymous user  2/9/2011
Mirza is of Persian origin. It is also used as a Muslim Bosnian male name.
Plinius  12/17/2006
The name was used by Mirza Delibasic, an outstanding basketball player in the 70´s and 80´s, European Champion and Olympic medalist.
Plinius  12/17/2006
Croatian handball player Mirza Džomba.
enchy  3/6/2009
The name Mirza is also commonly used in Georgia (as a male name, of course).

In Georgian, Mirza is written as: მირზა.

A known bearer of this name is Georgian politician Mirza Davitaia (b. 1975).
Lucille  6/13/2013
Mirza is a rare name especially in Africa. The people I know who bear that name are understanding, caring, loving and funny.
mirizah  4/26/2017

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