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This has gotten SO trendy in Sweden that I feel like I can't use it myself. Hardly anyone was named Moa when I grew up. I knew one, met her when I was 11 and my comment to her was "that's not a name is it?", I had never heard of it.
Now, alas, it is everywhere.
I believe this is the word used for mother in Danish. I worked with a Moa whose boyfriend had many Danish friends, and they always said things like "So how is your mother?" and giggled.
It is pronounced MO-ah.
― Anonymous User  12/17/2005
Moa is not Danish for mother, 'mor' is, but I see the joke, because 'mor' is sometimes pronounced 'moar'.
― Anonymous User  2/21/2006
Sort of related and not listed here is the name Lillemor, meaning little mother. Lill is a nickname.
― Anonymous User  1/2/2006
Moa is also the name of one of the main character's in Storm Thief by Chris Wooding.
Luangi  4/30/2007
A moa was a type of large, flightless bird. It is now extinct.
bananarama  8/1/2008
In Darwin's theory, Dreng and Moa are the couple that correspond at Adam and Eve.
― Anonymous User  8/18/2008
It sounds a bit nice, but it's the name of a bird that is extinct!
-Julia-  7/23/2009
Pronounced MOO-ah in Swedish.
Beautiful Victory  12/12/2009
Moa in most Polynesian languages means chicken or bird. I'm Poly so I would know, so in my circumstance I would never name anyone "Moa" lol.
Gracy  4/4/2012
When I think of Moa, I think of the girl in Alexander Rybak's song 'Oah'.
― Anonymous User  10/10/2013
It's my name, and I was named after the novelist Moa Martinson. I think the early Moas probably all were, and then the younger Moas were named Moa because it was cute (I can't imagine 17 000 parents being such devoted fans to Moa Martinson that they would name their daughter after her, but hey, maybe they were). Fun fact - in Sweden Moa is 3 times as common as the name Mia & Molly. I think Molly will probably outrun Moa at some point though.

I once met a man who said Moa meant "exhausted" in his language. I don't know which though, possibly swahili?
toxi  4/10/2014
Moa is my daughters name. My mother is Swedish and I fell in love with the name while working in Sweden. I have never come across anyone pronouncing it as MOO - ah. To me it was more like a gentle Mo- wah which is how we say it - however it doesn't sound all that gentle when spoken in a Scottish accent!
Fleetstreetsky  12/13/2015

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