I can tell people in the US my name is Monika (long O) and most will still call me Monica. Drives me crazy.
I've traveled all over the world, and the only country that pronounces it "Monica" is the US... To me it sounds whiny. I prefer the original pronunciation Monika.
monikam  1/28/2020
Just Monika.
someone-  11/24/2019
I think this name is pretty cool :D.
― Anonymous User  11/13/2019
Every day, I imagine a future where I can be with you~
Just Monika~
A little bit of Monika in my life-
Monika is the Character in the Horror game Doki Doki Literature Club who becomes self-aware and deletes the other characters. If she couldn't be with you, no one else could.
fnafliker  8/29/2019
This variation for the English version of “Monica” has a special appearance to it that harkens back to something entirely different yet nicely familiar. Monika definitely appeals to me as it offers a wonderful spelling alternative to the already tried and true, “Monica”. I would definitely take this name into consideration when selecting a name for a future daughter of mine. :)
― Anonymous User  4/24/2019
There were two Monikas at 2015's Eurovision. Monika Linkyte is a Lithuanian singer who represented her country with Vaidas Baumila with the song "This Time" while Monika Kuszynska is a Polish singer who represented her country with the song "In The Name Of Love". Both qualified from their semi finals however they did not crack the Top 10.
thezenithofnadir  4/22/2019
I like this spelling more. It adds fresh spunk to Monica. And it's not a "kreative" spelling, it's a variant.
kayisforkeen  8/20/2018
I'd really hate to say this, but I could never use the name "Monika," because of Doki Doki Literature Club. It's a great game, but I couldn't have a kid named Monika without the words "F***ing Monikammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" or "Just Monika" popping into my head.

And I certainly don't want that.
pastelamaryllis  7/28/2018
I like this name, it suits a graceful and lovely girl. It reminds me of Monika from Doki Doki Literature Club, and of Monika from Mad Father.
SilverSatan  5/19/2018
I like Monica, but not necessarily Monika. Monika just looks a bit too kre8tiv for me (Although if I had to use it, it does have history so it wouldn’t be too bad). Not only that, it reminds me of Monika from Doki Doki Literature Club, not a positive association, at least for a child.
DanielRivera  3/16/2018
Monika Jalili is a vocalist singing songs of Iran, mostly in Persian.
cutenose  6/10/2017
Monika Chiang is an American fashion designer and businesswoman based in New York City. Chiang founded the lounge Double Seven in New York City's meatpacking district with restaurateur Jeffrey Jah and David Rabin in the summer of 2005, and served as its managing partner. The restaurant's drink selection featured cocktails developed by Chiang that were covered by media outlets including PBS, the New York Times, and the Toronto Star. The restaurant moved locations in July 2007.
cutenose  6/1/2017
Monika Lee is an award-winning American cosplayer. In 2013, she joined the cast of reality television show Heroes of Cosplay. Lee has been cosplaying anime and especially video game characters since 2006, when she dressed as Yuna at the age of 13, and is a frequent collaborator with the cosplayer Jessica Nigri in the XX Girls group. She has been acclaimed and featured by gaming media outlets such as Game Informer and GamesRadar, as well as showcased in various other publications. Lee worked as a cosplay model at E3 2012 for Hyperkin, at E3 2013 and San Diego Comic-Con International 2013 for Blizzard Entertainment, and at PAX East 2014 for Carbine Studios and NC Soft. She was invited as a guest or host at multiple fan conventions, including Amazing Arizona Comic Con, Anime South, FantasyCon, MomoCon, Montreal Comiccon, Ottawa Pop Expo, and Pensacon.
cutenose  5/17/2017
Name is also used in Georgia, but it's quite rare. Georgian transcript "მონიკა"
― Anonymous User  2/20/2017
Monika Hoffman is a Swedish-Hungarian singer and songwriter from Malmö, Sweden Monika Hoffman's was born in Malmö. Her father is Swedish and her mother is Hungarian, so she grew up speaking fluent Hungarian, Swedish, and English.
cutenose  1/13/2017
Monika Linkytė is Lithuanian singer who represented Lithuania in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 along with Vaidas Baumila with the song "This Time". She also represented Lithuania in the "New Wave 2014". Linkytė has previously attempted to represent Lithuania in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2007. She was also a finalist on season two of Lietuvos Balsas.
cutenose  1/8/2017
The name is also used in Iceland.
jegharenbumsipanden  3/22/2016
This name is also used in English-speaking countries, but then as a variant spelling of Monica.
Lucille  11/17/2011
"Summer with Monika" is a 1953 film by Ingmar Bergman. It sparked controversy abroad for its frank depiction of nudity, and it helped start the reputation of Sweden as a sexually liberated place. The film is about two young working-class people who spend an idyllic summer on a boat, with life-changing consequences. The role of Monika was played by Harriet Andersson (b 1932).

The film inspired a poem of the same name by Merseybeat poet Roger McGough, published in 1967.

"for I locked a yellowdoor
And I threw away the key
And I spent summer with Monika
And Monika spent summer with me".
keepitreal  1/22/2011
Also a feminine name in Croatia.
goricar  12/22/2009
I like this name spelled better with a "c". It sounds less harsh and more delicate and elegant. My name is spelled with a "c" and people always spell it with a "k". It drives me insane!
iceskater735  10/29/2009
Famous bearers:
Singer Monika Absolonová, born 27 September 1976 Benešov, Czechoslovakia.
Model Monika Žídková, born 11 June 1977 Opava, Czechoslovakia.
Actress Monika Kvasničková.
Maggie_Simpson  12/20/2007
Also a girls name in Slovakia. [noted -ed]
Maggie_Simpson  9/21/2007
Top 100 in Czech Republic: 32. Monika.
Ronja  7/3/2007
Also a girls name in Slovenia. [noted -ed]
earthnut  7/3/2007
Beautiful name.
kaminskam  12/27/2006
Listen to the German pronunciation of Monika here:
_satu_  9/3/2006
Monika is one of the Cheeky Girls and her sister twin Gabbreilla.
― Anonymous User  3/28/2006
Possible shortening: Niki.
ringer007  3/19/2006
There was a SAINT Monika, born of Christian parents at Tagaste, North Africa, in 333; died at Ostia, near Rome, in 387.
no-weird-names  1/16/2006
What a beautiful, delicate and feminine name! I am in love with it.
― Anonymous User  1/16/2006

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