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This name appears to have a feminine version, Morleigh, rather like Ashleigh to Ashley, although Morley too could be unisex, like Ashley. Morleigh Steinberg is an American dancer and choreographer.

There's also a modern Hebrew (Israeli) name Morli - it's not used that often but it's unisex (means "I have myrrh", like Limor backwards). Morli also seems to be a girl's name in India (check out Facebook!)
Just Jonquil  7/8/2009
Whenever I see this name I think "cigarettes" and "The X-Files", since that's the brand of cigarettes, which "The Cigarette Smoking Man (C.S.M.)/Bad Guy" smokes all through the show.

Despite that connection and how much I hate that "C.S.M." on the show, I truly love that name. Bit of an oxymoron.
Charlie1977  10/4/2009
There was a (female) character with this in the movie 'Valentine's Day'. I actually really like this on a boy.
― Anonymous User  7/22/2013

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