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It sounds pretty, and it has a memorable meaning to me because you don't frequently find a name that means "soft", but I can imagine that, in English-speaking countries, a lot of people might have trouble saying it the right way. I say this as an English-speaking American, but I would be horrified if some English speaker mangled what seems to be a lovely-sounding name into such a form that I know would horrify me.
Pippin  4/6/2011
Meaning of Sanskrit girl names
◀ Kirtya/Kirtyaa कीर्त्या- "with fame", famed, renown, glorious
● Kirti कीर्ति mention, making
Mention of, speech, good report, fame, renown, glory, Fame (personified as daughter of दक्ष and wife of धर्म ), (in music) a particular measure or time, extension, palace, temple, expansion, lustre
* Kirtikari कीर्तिकरी -conferring fame. Here कीर्ति means renown + करी means conferring
# Kirtikara कीर्तिकरा -conferring fame. Here कीर्ति means fame + कर/करा means conferring
* Kirtita कीर्तिता -said, mentioned,
Celebrated, notorious. It is feminine of कीर्तित
@ Kirtimati कीर्तिमती -famed, glorious, Name of Dakshayani /दाक्षायणी. Here कीर्ति means fame + मती means one having
● Kirtimayi कीर्तिमयी -consisting of fame. Here कीर्ति means glory + मयी means having
@ Kirtimalini कीर्तिमालिनी- 'garlanded with fame’. Here कीर्ति means fame+ मालिनी means garlanded
* Kirtiyuta कीर्तियुता -famous. Here कीर्ति means fame युग/युता means consisting/having
@ Kirtidhara कीर्तिधरा -famed, renown. Here कीर्ति means fame + धरा means bearing
★ Kirtana कीर्तना -fame, mentioning, celebrating
* Kirtayanti कीर्तयन्ती- Praising, celebrating
♥ Shuchina शुचिना -shining, glowing,
Bright, white, clear, clean, pure, unsullied, honest, virtuous
◀ Shuchini शुचिनी- bright, clean, pure, white, virtuous
☆ Shuchiti शुचिति shining, radiant,
Brilliantly white, white, clear, pure,
Undefiled, innocent, honest, virtuous
☆ Sheetali/Shitali शीतली -cold, cool,
Shivering, frosty, cold i.e. free from passion, calm, Name of an Yogic exercise (Pranayama)
* Shitala/Sheetala शीतला -cool, cold
Pistia Stratiotes, a red cow, small-pox, the goddess inflicting small-pox
◀ Mridvi/Mridwi मृद्वी -soft, delicate, pliant, gentle, slight, moderate,
Slow (gait)It is feminine of मृदु. It is joining of मृदु + ई
♥ Mriduka मृदुका -soft, delicate woman, Name of an Apsara
* Mridugamana मृदुगमना - having a slow gait’, a goose, female swan. Here मृदु means soft + गमन/गमना means going
* Mridugamini मृदुगामिनी- going softly, having a soft or gentle gait. Here मृदु means soft/gentle + गामिनी means going(female)
★ Manohara मनोहरा -'heart-stealing’, fascinating, attractive, beautiful,
Jasminum Multiflorum or Pubescens
. Here मनः means heart + हरा means to steal/attract
♧ Manohari मनोहरी -‘heart-stealing ',
Attractive, charming, beautiful,
Piper Longum. Here मनः means heart + हरी means stealing/attract
# Manoharini मनोहारिणी -Beautiful, pleasing, attractive. Here मनः means heart + हारिणी means attracting
# Manohva मनोह्वा -red arsenic (मनोऽभिधा )
@ Manohlada मनोह्लादा -joy of the heart Here मन: means heart + ह्लाद/ह्लादा means joy
@ Manohladini मनोह्लादिनी -gladdening the heart. It is feminine of मनोह्लादिन्. Here मनः means heart + ह्लादिनी means gladdening
◀ Mridva मृद्वा- delicate, gentle, soft
♥ Mriduna मृदुना- gentle, soft, mild
◀ Mriduni मृदुनी- gentle, soft, moderate
☆ Mridula मृदुला- soft, delicate, moderate. Here मृदु means softness + ला means having/taking
● Mriduta मृदुता -softness, tenderness, mildness, weakness
◀ Mauli मौलि -the head, the top of anything, chief, foremost, best,
Jonesia Asoka, a diadem, crown, crest, a tuft or lock of hair left on the crown of the head after tonsure, a top-knot (= चूडा), hair ornamented & braided round the head (=धम्मिल्ल )
The earth
* Maulie मौली -the earth
♥ Maulini मौलिनी -having anything uppermost or turned upwards,
Being at the head, chief, having a diadem or crown, diademed, crested. It is feminine of मौलिन्
* Maulimala मौलिमाला -a crown/wreath worn on the head. Here मौलि means head + माला means wreath
@ Maulimalika मौलिमालिका -a crown worn on the head. Here मौलि means head + मालिका means wreath
▶ Maula मौला -derived from roots (as poison), handed down from antiquity, ancient (as a custom), holding office from previous generations,
Hereditary (as a minister or warrior)
Aboriginal, indigenous, native. It is feminine form of word मौल
@ Maulimani मौलिमणि -a crest gem, jewel worn in a diadem.
Vishal Khatri  6/13/2017
It is pronounced as mrrid- oolaa.
Vishal Khatri  6/14/2017

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