GENDER: Masculine
USAGE: Turkish, Arabic
OTHER SCRIPTS: محمّد (Arabic)
Meaning & History
Turkish form of MUHAMMAD, as well as a variant transcription of the Arabic name.
Related Names
VARIANTS: Mehmed (Ottoman Turkish), Mehmet, Muhammet (Turkish), Mahomet, Mahometus, Mihammad, Mohamed, Mohammad, Mohammed, Muhammad (Arabic)
OTHER LANGUAGES: Mahammad (Azerbaijani), Muhamed (Bosnian), Magomed, Magomet, Mukhamed (Chechen), Magomed, Magomet (Dagestani), Magomed, Magomet (Ingush), Mohammad, Muhammad (Pashto), Mohammad (Persian), Muhammad (Tajik), Mohammad, Muhammad (Urdu), Muhemmet (Uyghur), Mamadou (Western African)
England/Wales  ranked #121 
France  - 
Netherlands  ranked #135 
Turkey  ranked #8