GENDER: Masculine
USAGE: Turkish, Arabic
OTHER SCRIPTS: محمّد (Arabic)

Meaning & History

Turkish form of MUHAMMAD, as well as a variant transcription of the Arabic name.


top 10 in Turkey
VARIANTS: Mehmed (Ottoman Turkish), Mehmet, Muhammet (Turkish), Mahomet, Mahometus, Mihammad, Mohammad, Mohammed, Muhammad (Arabic), Mohamed (Arabic (Maghrebi)), Mohamed (Arabic (Egyptian))
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Muhammad, Magomed, Magomet, Muhamad (Avar), Məhəmməd, Mahammad (Azerbaijani), Mohammad, Mohammed, Muhammad (Bengali), Mehmed, Muhamed (Bosnian), Mokhmad, Magomed, Magomet (Chechen), Mamadou, Muhammadu (Fula), Muhammadu (Hausa), Muhammad, Muhamad (Indonesian), Mukhamed, Mukhammed (Kazakh), Muhammad, Muhamad (Malay), Mamadou (Manding), Mohammad, Muhammad (Pashto), Mohammad (Persian), Mohammad, Muhammad (Punjabi), Mamadou (Serer), Muhammad (Tajik), Mohammad, Mohammat (Tatar), Mohammad, Muhammad (Urdu), Muhemmet (Uyghur), Mamadou (Wolof)
Entry updated December 8, 2017