GENDER: Masculine
USAGE: Turkish, Arabic
OTHER SCRIPTS: محمّد (Arabic)
Meaning & History
Turkish form of MUHAMMAD, as well as a variant transcription of the Arabic name.
Related Names
VARIANTS: Mehmed (Ottoman Turkish), Mehmet, Muhammet (Turkish), Mahomet, Mahometus, Mihammad, Mohamed, Mohammad, Mohammed, Muhammad (Arabic)
OTHER LANGUAGES: Mahammad (Azerbaijani), Muhamed (Bosnian), Magomed, Magomet, Mukhamed (Chechen), Magomed, Magomet (Dagestani), Magomed, Magomet (Ingush), Mohammad, Muhammad (Pashto), Mohammad (Persian), Muhammad (Tajik), Mohammad, Muhammad (Urdu), Muhemmet (Uyghur), Mamadou (Western African)
England and Wales  ranked #108 
France  ranked #445 
Netherlands  ranked #107 
Turkey  ranked #7