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I love the name. Born in Wales, but moved to the Netherlands at the age of 6. Now 48 and named my eldest daughter (18) Gwendolyn Myfanwy.
IchDienCymru  1/27/2018
I love this name. Reminds me of the beautiful love song Myfanwy, which is supposed to be considered old fashioned in Wales, but I still think it's exquisite. "Oh have I hurt you so, Myfanwy, That you should feel such hate for me?" So beautiful.

I absolutely love this name, though I am Welsh, so perhaps a little biased.

The lyrics above I have heard only in my childhood and despite my many searchings, have not been able to find at any time since. The song is, of course, Welsh in origin, but I believe David Alexander recorded a version that incorporated a loose version of English lyrics to it. To this day, though it haunts me still, I cannot find that version.

The song remains ethereal in nature to me, and so the name also. It would be my first and last choice for a namesake right now, because it conjures only haunting and warm memories for me.

I should mention that I am Welsh, abide in Wales, and that both my children were gifted names of that origin, ergo the pronunciation and meaning of Myfanwy are not foreign to me.

It is pronounced in Welsh as Muh-van-oy in Welsh. The closest approximation as I can come to.
siannyg  12/18/2016
Myfanwy *in no way* looks like "my fanny," nor is "wy" on the end reminiscent of urine. I think the people who see that probably easily misread and misspell words that are somewhat uncommon. My name is "Mara" and a lot of people read it as "Maria," and I'm sure to them, "it looks just like Maria!" I think Myfanwy is a strong and lovely name.
Pufflehuff  9/14/2016
The often cited references to Joseph Parry are somewhat spurious and are usually taken from a novel partly based on aspects of Parry's life called "Off to Philadelphia in the Morning". Parry wrote the music which was originally used in an English language song called Arabella. Several years later the Welsh poet Richard Davies (bardic name of Mynyddog) penned the words to Myfanwy which is most likely to be based on an ancient Welsh 14th century folk story Myfanwy Fychan of Castell Dinas Brân, Llangollen and the poet Hywel ab Einion. That story was also the subject of the popular poem, 'Myfanwy Fychan' (1858), by John Ceiriog Hughes (1832–87).
Big Al  6/29/2016
In 1964 I went to school with Myfanwy, whose family were recent immigrants from Wales. Her family ensured that we knew that the correct pronunciation was "mu VAN OI ", primarily as she was called My Fanny at school. I got away with "m VAN OH" which eventually degenerated to "VAN OH".
AllenF  4/14/2015
The correct pronunciation of the Welsh name Myfanawy is
Muh-van-oi. Any first language Welsh speaker will know that in annwyl, wy and hwyl, the wy is pronounced as the English oi as in oil. So it is in Myfanwy. Miv-an-wee is the English mispronunciation. Dylan is another mispronounced name. The y should be pronounced as 'u' as in umbrella not 'i' as in pit.
melkin  7/24/2014
It's muh VAN wee, actually. Y is almost always pronounced like English uh unless it's in the final syllable.

- Welsh person.
Pie  12/10/2012
It does look a lot like "my fanny". On top of that, it means "my woman", which sounds a little derogatory towards women.
― Anonymous User  10/1/2010
Proof that some people will say they like ANY name if it happens to have a trendy 'Celtic' origin. Apart from the whole 'my fanny' thing it also has 'wee' (brit slang for urine) at the end of it. Not a pleasant name.
― Anonymous User  5/6/2010
Absurd name with a dumb meaning.
Aureliano  2/24/2010
I think the double F is horrible, but I love the proper pronunciation of Myfanwy. If I were to use it in America, I would probably spell it in another way to avoid the constant mispronunciation (like Mivanwy or something). I usually hate misspellings of traditional names, but I would hate to force that burden upon a little girl.
pandasayscynical  2/22/2010
A lot of Welsh names are nice, but not this one. The meaning sounds like something that a man would want to rename his girlfriend.
bananarama  12/25/2009
For the record, I don't think it looks anything like 'fanny.' How could it, with that w right smack at the end?
― Anonymous User  11/5/2009
Myfanwy is the name of the youngest child of the "rake" character from the Decemberists' album "The Hazards of Love." She is the only one of his children to escape being murdered by him, since she dies at birth. In the song, it sounds as though her name is pronounced "Mah-fan-wee." I think it sounds cute.
amyo  11/5/2009
In Britain and Australian, the "fanny" means the "vagina", which makes this name sound even worse there.
― Anonymous User  10/6/2009
I don't know why people are explaining that Myffanwy must be pronounced with a V as it is a double f - the entry for this name clearly shows it spelled with a single f.
― Anonymous User  10/6/2009
I love this name. Reminds me of the beautiful love song Myfanwy, which is supposed to be considered old fashioned in Wales, but I still think it's exquisite. "Oh have I hurt you so, Myfanwy, That you should feel such hate for me?" So beautiful. Though in some English versions of the song, "Myfanwy" is substituted with "Arabella", which takes the beauty away.
― Anonymous User  3/21/2009
My name's Myffanwy too! Wow! I know one other person with the name Myfanwy. But she lives halfway across the world in Canada! Myffanwy. It's so uncommon it's not even funny! I love it though. It's unique!
ionshu  11/1/2008
Myfanwy is a horrible name, which reminds me of "my fanny"!
rowan826  8/25/2008
Overall I like it, but I could never actually name someone this. It looks too much like "my fanny." And while "fanny" may be a cute, silly word for one's backside in American slang, it's something far more vulgar in British slang.
― Anonymous User  7/3/2008
In the Welsh language a single f is pronounced as a v not an f. The whole name is roughly pronounced as Mi-Van-We.
xox_myfanwy_xox  6/9/2008
Stunning! I don't think it reminds me of "my fanny". It looks Welsh / Celtic when looking at it. Not American, as in fanny, which is just American slang anyway. I would name my daughter this, but would more so use it for a middle name. The meaning is beautiful. I added it to my list.
StinkweedMcGilicutty  9/5/2007
Myf Warhurst is an Australian radio host and team captain for ABC's Spicks and Specks. I heard somewhere Myf was short for Myfawny. Myf is a nice nickname.
― Anonymous User  6/21/2007
Myfanwy is pronounced mi-VAN-wee.
Laurea  3/21/2007
I looked at this name and I was like, what? My fanny?! Fanny means butt.
― Anonymous User  3/8/2007
I know a girl named Myfanwy. It's a cool-sounding name, but almost everyone mispronounces it.
scarletquillraven  12/25/2006
Myfanwy is the name of a Welsh song written by Joseph Parry.

It is also the name of writers Edward and Helen Thomas's youngest daughter, Helen Elizabeth Myfanwy Thomas (who was known privately and professionally as Myfanwy).
MariaNikolaievnaRoma  12/25/2006
This is what I believe the pterodactyl on "Torchwood" was nicknamed by the cast.
patchworkgirl  12/14/2006
This name is a bit rude if you get what I mean.
― Anonymous User  6/23/2006
"The New Amerian Dictionary of Baby Names" by Leslie Dunkling and William Gosling says that Myfanwy means 'my fine one' or 'my rare one'.
CamilleTheGreat  6/13/2006
Name of a character in BBC series Little Britain.
LimbicLove  1/15/2006
I must disagree with your 'meaning' for the name 'Myfanwy'. As I understand it, Myfanwy means 'my dearest'. myf - my, anwy - derived from 'annwyl' which means dear. I am Welsh, therefore believe that I have some background information for defining this name.
manzdavz  10/25/2005
My name is also Myfanwy but with a double F. It aso means: My fine one.
Myf  8/19/2005

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