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Nadzieja means "hope" in Polish. Delivered from Bible, missionary Paul in letters to Coryntians (1 Coryntian 13:13) wrote about "Trust, Hope and Love" as the most important aspects of Christianity of which Love is the biggest one.
Agny  10/17/2005
I mentioned this name to my fiance. I told him it means hope in Polish. He told me that it's a name in Berber and Arabic; he said it means someone who survived a horrific event, like war or famine. Also he said it's an "old-lady name"--only very old women in his village are named Nadzieja/Nadzeya. I think the two meanings, hope and survivor, are related to each other anyway.
― Anonymous User  4/15/2008
Nadzieja is one of the most beautiful names in my opinion. It's unique, strong and sophisticated at the same time. Even though it's also a common noun and despite the saying "Nadzieja matką głupców" ("hope is a mother of fools"), I simply love it. It also has a cute pet form Nadzia, although I don't think a child would like to be called that by friends. ;) Nadia (which is lovely, too) would probably be more acceptable.
Chwala  2/16/2011

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