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Aboriginal origin, means red lily.
-- narelle  3/23/2005
Narelle is an Australian name from a West Australian Koori (Aboriginal) tribe around modern Perth. It means Lake.
-- LadyLisa  4/27/2005
Firstly, "Koori" is a tribal name from New South Wales and Victoria. The Aboriginal people of the Perth region are the Nyoongar.

Secondly, I have never seen any reference to Narelle as a Western Australian name. There is a town named Naraling which was named for a nearby spring (not lake), but the meaning of the spring's name is unknown. Watering places in the Nyoongar region tend to have been indicated by the syllable "up" at the end of the place name.
-- Chrisell  6/18/2007
My grandmother, world famous Australian soprano Marie Narelle, took the name as a talisman in 1898 when she began her career, dropping her married name of Callaghan. She "stole" the name, if you will, from Queen Narelle of the Moruya tribe of Aborigines who was legendary in those days. My understanding is that it means "woman from the sea". Indeed Moruya is a coastal area in southern New South Wales.
-- bnarelle  9/19/2007
Thank you for your information. My Grandparents heard Marie Narelle sing. My mum also told me about Queen Narelle. And Yes it is a NSW name, in WA there are usually more Lorelle's than Narelle's. Glad to find out the meaning of woman of the sea.
-- narelle.ruth  1/14/2010
My grandmother adopted the name from "Queen Narelle" of the Moruya tribe of aborigines on the south coast of New South Wales as her stage name in 1898. I have read that its aboriginal meaning is "woman from the sea". Given the coastal nature of the Moruya tribe that seems plausible. -Brian Narelle
-- bnarelle  11/15/2007
I think this is a nice name. I like the beginning (Nar-) and the end (-elle). This is one of those few made-up modern names that I really like and would consider using.
-- Pippin  3/16/2008
It sure sounds invented, and I'm not even sure what it could be derived from. The name is not particularly pretty. It's the beginning part that just doesn't work.
-- slight night shiver  5/1/2008
Quoting an older Australian poster from a now defunct baby board: "Not old enough to be classic - it's very dated to the 1950s/60s. And it's a bogan name - I'd expect Narelle to be living in a caravan park in western Sydney with her husband Wayne and her children Trevor and Charlene".

To be fair, Narelle sounds pleasant enough. There's much worse such as Schapelle (!) and found in a recent birth announcement, Sharkelle (eeeek!). I've met some nice Narelles myself.
-- Anonymous User  6/7/2008
It's like Michelle, but with an Australian twist!

This name is very dated - it has hardly been used at all since the 1960s. It's considered a very 'bogan' or 'chav' name.
-- vomiting  11/6/2009
Narelle lost favour in the late 60's because of the Naked Vicar Show. Narelle was a rather dumb red head in mini shirt and platform shoes whose best friend was Cyril. The phrase "you're not wrong there Narelle" came from that show.
-- narelle.ruth  1/14/2010
My sister's original name is Nerella (Italian) but her Australian friends have always called her Narelle which is a very nice name I think. I didn't know it was aboriginal - interestingly "Nerella" means little black girl in Italian.
-- Anonymous User  3/8/2010
I'm not Australian, and I don't see this as a low-class name. Narelle actually sounds pretty and sophisticated. It's actually quite a refreshing choice where I live.
-- bananarama  5/2/2010
My name is Narelle. I was born in 1955. I did not have any other girls my age with the same name when I was at school. Since I started working I have worked in one workplace with two other Narelle's both around my age, then just recently I worked with another Narelle, again my age. I have a few acquaintances through my children's school & after school activities who had the name Narelle as well. Both a lot younger, one had English parents. It is not a common name but all the Narelle's I have met are very friendly happy people.
-- necoles  7/8/2014
I am Narelle born in 1948. According to my late grandmother, she created the name using part of her name "Elle" and pop's name. I have never been able to see how she could make the "Nar" from any of pop's name.
However in 1960 I read a death notice for an 80 year old Narelle, which puzzled me even more.
I have since obtained a keyring with the meaning as follows: Meaning "red lily"; origin "Aboriginal". It goes on to say "a delight and pleasure to be around, she is full of happiness, joy and a zest for life and all it brings her way, smiling and good natured, loves to share of herself with others, finds herself content and fortunate, for she is very sure of herself, a soothing voice and wise words.
-- Anonymous User  8/2/2015
Narelle is my middle name and I love it. I was born in 1988 so it's not very common with people my age. Anytime someone asks me what my middle name is they tell me how beautiful and unique it is then they ask me if they can "steal" it for their future daughter. Haha I guess my parents did good!
-- Fngonzales  8/11/2015
My name is Narelle, born 1969 and I am 6th or 7th generation Australian and I like my name.
-- nelliet69  7/17/2016
My grandma chose my name, Narelle. I was born in the mid 70's and have always disliked my name but liked its originality. I've only ever known another Narelle and she was quiet but sweet. It definitely has bogan connotations in Australia, but I have never met a bogan Narelle. It does get mispronounced as Nerelle a lot. It gets shortened to rel and Nellie. I have also heard it means good companion.
-- Anonymous User  8/19/2016

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