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Means "Christmas Day" in Italian. Its gender is masculine! The feminine form of Natale is Natala (less used). [noted -ed]
giocampa  1/9/2005
This name is masculine. The feminine form is Natalia or Natalina. Natala does not exist in Italian. [noted -ed]
elenuccia  1/31/2008
I named my 2nd daughter "Natalie" and we nicknamed her Nat-Nat. Of course she is 21 now and no one calls her this but family. I noticed other posts stating that this name means "beautiful, or elegant". I have always known it to mean "Christmas child", but beautiful and elegant would describe my daughter. I'm not just saying this because she is my child though. She is stuningly beautiful, and very sweet, so her name suits her very well.
Sweetness  10/15/2008
Pronounced na-TA-le in Italian and pronounced NA-tal in French.
― Anonymous User  11/17/2012

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