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Pronounced nah-tahn.
Miss Claire  7/29/2006
Natan is the original form, from the Hebrew word "gift" (there is a prayer that calls the Torah a "Natan") and Nathan is the Anglicanized form. My name is the feminine form of this, and it's also the name of a city in Israel. I was named for my Russian grandfather. I've also heard that one of the brunette James Bond women was the feminine form of this name.
MoonAgeDaydreamer  10/19/2008
Natan is also Czech, Slovak, Dutch, Polish, Icelandic, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian and French form.
MaggieSimpson  6/6/2010
Natan is also the form of Nathan in:

- Croatia
- Georgia (written as ნათან as well as ნატან in Georgian)
- Serbia (written as Натан in Serbian)
- Ukraine (written as Натан in Ukrainian).
Lucille  6/9/2013
Another Hebrew pronunciation is 'Nosson', pronounced nus-sun. In Hebrew both names are spelled the same way. [noted -ed]
― Anonymous User  8/21/2014
Also Polish.
cutenose  6/10/2016

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